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Re: Easy avoid neediness

mASF post by Cardinal

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Re: Easy avoid neediness
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mASF post by "Cardinal"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, January 1, 2005

<ijjjji> wrote in news:[email protected]...
> On 1/5/05 4:12:00 AM, Chance wrote:
> >I see how the first one works,
> >but how does "I am
> >unattentive" help you?
> I knew this Q would arise.. If you observe the most needy among people,
> are constantly SCANNING.. searching for people they can try to get
> from.
... <explanation snipped>

> I'll post my alpha model/frame to avoid further Qs:
> Im relaxed
> Im spread out
> Im slow
> Im unattentive

Interesting. I'm looking forward to it if you care to explain each point in
the post
like you just did with the "unattentive" frame. I agree, but without
I would have misunderstood what you meant.
One idea is also to keep the postings small and post over time with just one
situation/frame in each, so a lot of people will have the time to read,
and learn.


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