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My guide to posting to the fastseduction forum

mASF post by ankh-f-n-khonsu

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My guide to posting to the fastseduction forum
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mASF post by "ankh-f-n-khonsu"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2004

okay, it's not a real guide. Just a POV

You guys are holding back a lot on detail.
As if holding back on the verbal in your posts translates to what you want to
achieve in real life.
If you're going to post just post.
I am not you. You are not me. Don't listen to other guys here.
There's such an array of POVs here and disgruntled people with stuff to
Just post what the fuck you want to. I don't see enough detail and substance
and effort in what many are conveying. You are not puting your efforts in any
context to understand where you're coming from.
Try to assert your views in terms of what things you are doing and where you
are coming from at the time. What did you do or read that made you arrive at
that opinion/pattern/theory/question/problem.
Doing this will help you and help others help you, immensely.
WE are just like the chicks out there: if we get you we will get you and want
more of what you're about.
If people will want to read you they read you. If they don't they don't. Don't
write for everybody here. Nobody reads everybody here. Post for those who do
get you and who can click to what you're about and can fill in each others'
Ignore those just projecting rubbish. It usually passes.
It just would really be nice to read MORE here and more CONTENT from those
people you click with and are coming from the same place.
Things ebb and flow. If you want to just "keyboard Jockey" (see, this post is
also for the illiterate who sheepishly follow the illiterate who make
throw-away lines up in place of what they lack) then be yourself and be example
for others of how a WBAFC behaves and thinks. People will see it for what it
is. It comes and goes all the time. More posts are just more posts. Who cares?
take advantage of being anonymous. People don't read what they don't need. Then
people just go away on their own when they need that.
My main problem is, when i see postings from a guy whom i "click to" at that
time, the comments are usually terse and don't actually say anything. I want to
actually hear details about where you are really coming from cos there's gaos
in my current situation that reflect what you're about but you're just not
really saying anything.
If i'm on here to READ, I log on, find your posts, and try to find things in
your game a little ahead of where i'm at and hear things about you that fill
all my bits in. I don't want to log on to read terse bulshit reports that just
say 'i got a blow job'. You already have my attention. I want to follow what
you're about.
That terse stuff for the sake of trying to 'be minimal' is the real keyboard
jockey stuff. It's just you talking to make yourself heard and compete, and is
not really saying anything.
When i log off here, you are gone. I can be terse on my own terms in my own
life after that. People can choose to read you or not. Getting THIS is what the
REAL inner game» is about. Let people not read you or rebound off you. You don't
have to react. We are all coming from all completely different vantage points
and points of interest here.

So when you post next time, take time to delineate where you're really coming
from, Cos when i'm reading you, i's cos i'm really READING you and choose to
continue reading you, and so i want to learn more about how that relates to my
level of game, or where I'M coming from.

Don't mess about, if you decide to plug YOUrself/YOUr attentions into
something, then don't flail about. Invest yourself into it or unplug yourself
from it and move on.

end of guide.

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