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Off Topic: Reviews & Posting Guidelines

mASF post by Yuri

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Off Topic: Reviews & Posting Guidelines
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mASF post by "Yuri"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, October 10, 2004

On 10/14/04 2:11:00 PM, formhandle wrote:
>I noticed 3 people who have a
>commercial interest in the
>review jumped in to give props
>to the post, with no mention
>of the guidelines.


I don't think that you can legitimately hate on guys who don't remind other
people of the guidelines. Some guys just don't want their post history being a
long line of "Read the posting guidelines." .. Like they want actual CONTENT
not just moderation...

Also granted these people might have filed "abuse reports" but "bad postings"
aren't listed among the things you want to hear about. What's bad also is that
in your abuse reports thing, all you say is to e-mail you. Which, not many
people on these boards trust that you'll be able to reply timely, what with how
many messages you recieve.

So, 1) masfers shouldn't have an obligation to play a minimoderator role and 2)
even if they wanted to let you play that role, they are [structurally] unable
to do that. :)


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