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Cool guys get laid and adding in style

mASF post by formhandle

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Cool guys get laid and adding in style
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mASF post by "formhandle"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, August 8, 2004

Hey man, I see you've still got your magic touch, I thought you might have lost
your spastic edge after all your time at the Don Juan web site or anonymous
postings on Bad Boy's forum. Nobody can dodge a critique like you, it must be
a gift. Props, bro. Like bubbles in wallpaper, dodging the thumb. Like a
bubble-boy, spastic bubble boy, shooting off into space...

Check this, I was going to write up a whole reply before with lots and lots of
paragraphs of rambling repetition and mentioning my exploits to back myself up,
but then I realized that you're a busy guy and working 10 hours a day slaving
away for the betterment of mankind and I thought it better to not waste your
time and just get to the point.

P.S. This is your coolest post ever, man! I can't wait til fall when you've
re-thought it all again and got it all together for everyone in the next big

TylerDurden wrote:

>Formhandle, I bet you had a
>great knack for precis writing
>highschool. It's like you can
>take a post, and downplay it
>something basic and redundant.
>Like bringing order to chaos,
>man, very impressive. I bet
>the girls really like that.
>You know,
>although there are tactics in
>this post, I agree, it has a
>bit more of a
>"general" vibe to it. A sort
>bad. Do you think it might be
>better moved to "OffTopic"
>like my
>other post? Thanks for
>keeping me on track big bro,
>and keep
>fighting the good fight.
>btw, I'm thinking of writing a
>"TD base structure", with all
>sorts of
>diagrams and spreadsheets. I
>want to turn PU into a bunch
>of 1s
>and 0s. Formhandle, let's
>hookup man, and we'll totally
>do this.
>Let's oust all these
>troublemakers, polluting the
>board with chaotic
>cross posting. I read in one
>of your threads that you were
>"DISGUSTED" at some of the
>newbie posts. Me too man. I
>them, and I throw my keyboard
>against the wall and cry

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