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Email Seduction

mASF post by BigDog

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Email Seduction
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mASF post by "BigDog"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2004

Player Supreme,

Comments to follow.

On 7/7/04 11:05:00 PM, PlayerSupreme wrote:
>This is one of my own (old)
>posted examples of email
>seduction from pimphop.

You've been on this board a week or two, and now it seems that about 60-70% of
the postings are yours. Obviously, you aren't out in field, or laying a lot of
chicks, or you wouldn't have the time to post all of this, so really, let's get
to the point, "playa!" You're a KJ promoting his other site on here! Nothing
wrong with a little commercialism, but save us the pretense! Why don't you do
us all a favor, and spare us your so called "expert advice." Market your crap
somewhere else. I for one am not reading any more of your B.S.! I wonder if you
even get laid! lol

>To teach about getting into
>their minds I am going to
>start letting you playa's read
>our email contacts.

How about doing us a favor and DON'T?!

>It was a pleasure meeting and
>dancing with you T. I haven't
>met someone with so much
>feminine energy and passion in
>a long time. I hope we can
>hook up sometime soon (when I
>have a voice
>I have been waiting to meet
>someone as sexy as you T. You
>set my blood boiling and you
>ignited a deep fire of passion
>within me. I can feel that you
>and I are a good connection. I
>hope you can feel that energy
>between us also.

Puke, puke! Can you say AFC?

>Here is her first response to
>"Hi C,
>Thanks for the thoughtful
>message. It means a lot to
>have someone speak with
>appreciation and sincerity.
>Last night, I felt that no one
>else was even around when we
>were together. Time and my
>breath had stopped several
>times in your presence. It
>really is a wonderful feeling.
>Honestly, I was starting to
>feel that I would never
>experience that again with
>someone. It is a shame to
>start to get jaded when it
>comes to that. Thank you for
>just being yourself. Even if
>you never sent me a message or
>called me I still would have
>been so thankful for that
>evening because I feel alive
>again. Not just existing but
>feeling alive. The fact that
>you are man enough to send a
>thoughtful message makes you
>even more appealing to me.
>I hope your voice gets better
>soon, even though I did think
>it was too sexy. I could deal
>with it.
>Let me know what your schedule
>is like. I have a really
>routine schedule. I work 8-5
>Monday thru Friday. I also
>have 2 beautiful children. My
>daughter, Whitney, is 9 and my
>son, Darren, is 6.

And the one I'll trap you into giving me will be named Playa Supreme, Jr.! lol

>Ok my goal is to reach her
>emotionally. Here is the email
>convo I sent her back:

How fucking original! Can I get your autograph?

>"Congradulations on having two
>beautiful children.

Yeah, what an accomplishment! Spreading your legs without birth control! Really
takes a "special talent!"

Wow dude, I'm so impressed with your special "playa skills!" Shit, these hoes
with kids will latch onto just about any living, breathing fucking male with a
wallet attached, so where's the "seduction skills?"

>am I an asshole for posting her shyt up
>here like this? NO!

No, you're an asshole for wasting our time with this crap!

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