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Re: PUA Films to watch

mASF post by thejamesmethod

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Re: PUA Films to watch
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mASF post by "thejamesmethod"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2004

On 7/2/04 4:46:12 PM, rokscott wrote:

>So, apart from scouring the net looking
>for articles that support
>"thejamesmethod" (LOL) you sit around
>studying movies to learn pick-up
>and seduction. Is this correct?

No. I learn most of my stuff from real world experience, watching those around
me in my local environment. Some learning however, comes from films and I felt
it would be useful for me to publish a list of films that have helped me for
the benefit of others. Very little of my learning comes from reading forums or

>When are you going to share some
>tid-bits of ORIGINAL information from
>"thejamesmethod"? You know, something
>that lets us know that you
>actually have some REALISTIC seduction
>information not seen before that
>is worth buying?

Do a search for me and look up my postings, I quote from my site all the time.


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