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Re: Outing Report: Hawaii, another missed same day

mASF post by rp_5150

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Re: Outing Report: Hawaii, another missed same day
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mASF post by "rp_5150"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2005

On 5/18/05 12:58:51 AM, Alessandro wrote:
> some girls are
>motivated by kino and will
>come home with
>you if you're good (the older
>single ones), but younger ones
>or ones in
>relationships do tend to freak
>out after kino and make a
>complete 180
>turn and might even RUN AWAY
>irrationally, with those it's
>better to
>keep if "fun fun" and excited
>until you isolate her to your
>fucking pad.

This is a very valuable point.

>People struggle [...]
> [so ] that we're
>confused at what happens at
>the end, this is no longer
>sex, this better
>fucking be some Holly Fuck
>that will get me inducted into
>Greek-FUCKING-Mythology, I
>just did another SS seminar
>and traveled to
>Project Hollywood for

Yeah, you've got that 100% right.

Though - pony up - you did an in-field workshop yourself
long ago. And now look! You've got a... hmm, well..
you've got.. ummmmmm... let me see.. there's...
SOMETHING... about you... ummmmm... can't quite.. place...

-- robert1

toecutter: Beat that fear. Be a man. Beat your chest a little bit, because most
people are slave to their fears. You conquer yours. Most guys will conquer it
in context (like bungy jumping), but lets see those parachuting AFCs handling
walking into a club ALONE and SOBER and APPROACHING a girl they don't know. Or
worse ... a group of girls.

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