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Re: Outing Report: Hawaii, another missed same day

mASF post by Alessandro

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Re: Outing Report: Hawaii, another missed same day
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mASF post by "Alessandro"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2005

rp_5150 wrote:


> more sexy talk stuff, which is all cool, but is this
> going to make her grab you by the shirt & drag you
> away? Ok, rarely, but, are you going to wait for
> that to happen??
> I keep waiting for the chick to make the moves, so
> I don't have to get rejected, its quite the bad habit.
> What are you really doing to pull girls to isolate
> wherever??

You're almost using "isolation" to mean both "venue
changing/taking-home" and "escalating kino". If she is still conscious
of what's about to happen, I normally act excited and encourage her to
leave with me. The moment we're stepping out of the bar it's almost a
riot; we're screaming, laughing, I am tickling her, lifting her up,
spanking her, holding hands, singing, etc. etc.

But for kino, once you're seated comfortably and she is prepared with
enough romantic talk and she is feeling all fuzzy and mushy, then lean
in and give her a good back/neck rub. Tell her she is intense, do some
cold reading on how she needs to let it go and allow her body to take
control and feel human again. This is standard "wanna fuck?" question of
sorts, if you tell a girl to let her body take control, that's the
clearest message to tell her "stop worrying about fucking, and start
anticipating it". When she trusts you and doesn't mind if your hand
wanders off the platonic areas, or perhaps slips under the fabric of her
clothings .. after that you can lean in and bite her ear, suck her neck,
chin, kiss .. and prepare her more.

It's up to you to decide which one you wanna do first, the heavy kino or
the isolation; some girls are motivated by kino and will come home with
you if you're good (the older single ones), but younger ones or ones in
relationships do tend to freak out after kino and make a complete 180
turn and might even RUN AWAY irrationally, with those it's better to
keep if "fun fun" and excited until you isolate her to your fucking pad.

Is this what you're having problems with? Sometimes PU sounds like
hunting the dangerous mountain goat, the Master hunter tells the pupils
"we will climb that mountain and hide in the summit for 11 days under
snow, conserve your oxygen and sweetened water, after eleven days, the
mountain goat will come out and we will kill it and prepare it as
luxurious food." .. one of the students inquires about the method of
preparation, "do we need special utensils? is there a ritual for the
cutting of the pieces?", "NO!" says the master, to the pupil's
disappointment, "we just throw it in big pot and boil it with water like
we always do with other meat." People struggle with the opening, trying
to get eye-contact, tonality, body language, vibbing, handling group,
taking rejection, not beating off, low eye-lid, etc, etc. that we're
confused at what happens at the end, this is no longer sex, this better
fucking be some Holly Fuck that will get me inducted into
Greek-FUCKING-Mythology, I just did another SS seminar and traveled to
Project Hollywood for pilgrimage.

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