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We need more Naturals

mASF post by Jestor

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We need more Naturals
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mASF post by "Jestor"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2005

On 5/5/05 4:24:00 PM, TylerDurden wrote:
>I'm friends with many
>naturals. I meet them when I'm
>out and they always want to
>drop by Project Hollywood and
>hang out. Geoff and I probably
>know more naturals than
>naturals know naturals.

Just so we are on the same page, by naturals I mean guys who learned PU at a
high level, and who can pull girls from cold approaches. I don't mean guys who
just pull from inside their social circle.

>Any pro PUA can run circles
>around these guys. Even the
>best of the best. I can peel

I consider a natural PUA to be anyone who learned PU on the streets, separate
from anything we are exposed to on here. I don't really see the distinction
between Natural and PUA.

>So in response to your
>question of why can't we get
>naturals to post here - its
>because of the flame wars and
>negativity and lazy newbie
>posts and weird techniques
>that guys post about. I try to
>get naturals to post here all
>the time. They'll be psyched
>when they hear about it, and
>then they'll come back to me
>like, "Bro, some dude was
>walking around with low eye
>lids all night and bumping
>into walls. Another guy didn't
>jerk it for a month!! Another
>guy was trying to hypnotize
>himself!! These guys were all
>complaining and tooling
>eachother. Who would waste
>time tooling someone on the
>internet that they don't even
>know?!?! Hahahahahaha!!"

or "These guys were running around asking girls if David Bowie is hot!"

It's not hard to see how guys like this would be a real asset here.

"So what you don't want to fuck me! Do you have any idea how many chicks have
pussies and mouths??" - MrSex4uNYC

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