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We need more Naturals

mASF post by TylerDurden

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We need more Naturals
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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2005

I'm friends with many naturals. I meet them when I'm out and they always want
to drop by Project Hollywood and hang out. Geoff and I probably know more
naturals than naturals know naturals.

Almost everything in DYD is sifted from naturals. David D's entire program was
backwards engineered from naturals, including Rick H. RSD is the same, but even
to a greater extent. All the frame control, AMOG'ing, voice, body language,
escalation, and everything else learned from naturals. Actually RSD is like the
best elements of naturals sifted down and assembled. I studied this stuff for
three years by stopping what I was doing and observing people every time I went
out. I tell people to do this all the time, but I don't think anyone really
does it.

When I meet naturals, a lot of the time they sit there all surprised. They'll
usually try to buy me drinks or invite me to parties or introduce me to their
girls. It's funny, because they sit there trying to analyze my game in
socially conditioned terms. Like "You're just too funny for them. And you tell
great stories." Protocol's roommate is a 6'7 natural who approaches and gets
approached non-stop, and has a continual stream of girls in and out of his
room. But then, so does Protocol. And Protocol has better game. His roommate
is convinced that Protocol's game is better than his because he has "Asian
charm." (Protocol is a 5'9 Asian kid with braces, and he thinks that being a
6'7 goodlooking white guy is not as exotic as that, and that is why Protocol
can outgame him).

Any pro PUA can run circles around these guys. Even the best of the best. I
can peel a natural's girls from them outgame them in almost any situation. The
latest RSD guy I've been training for the last six months is Mike. He's a
natural who thought that he was better than all his friends growing up, and who
thought that he would never meet someone better at "pulling hoes" than him. He
came to a PLAY meeting at Project Hollywood and wanted to walk out of it
because he thought the community guys were so AFC that he had gotten himself
into a weird situation. I met the guy and saw that he had talent, and took him
out to work with him to see what he had. He was good - better than most. But
I couldn't even game beside him, because he couldn't hold sets with me in them.
I had to run it like how I would run it with a student there. The girls would
keep shifting over to me, even if I split the set. What was good though was
that he understood all game-theory intuitively. He could break down any guy
and his deal just by looking at him, and he knew female psyche phenomenally
well. It took a lot of work to get him up to speed, just like anyone else. And
the guy is one of the best naturals I've ever met. That should put some things
in perspective for you. These guys are not "all that." You can learn a shit
load from them, but you have to SIFT down the good stuff and weed out the bad
stuff. I'd advise not trying to seek out these unknown guys as a way of being
more "trendy" and not doing what everyone else is doing.

So in response to your question of why can't we get naturals to post here - its
because of the flame wars and negativity and lazy newbie posts and weird
techniques that guys post about. I try to get naturals to post here all the
time. They'll be psyched when they hear about it, and then they'll come back to
me like, "Bro, some dude was walking around with low eye lids all night and
bumping into walls. Another guy didn't jerk it for a month!! Another guy was
trying to hypnotize himself!! These guys were all complaining and tooling
eachother. Who would waste time tooling someone on the internet that they don't
even know?!?! Hahahahahaha!!"

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