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Gold Digger...

mASF post by TylerDurden

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Gold Digger...
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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

You aren't controlling the frame here. You shouldn't say "I don't have a car."
Just get her laughing, and then give her exact instructions on what you want.
Don't discuss logistics or other pointless shit. She doesn't need to know that
you don't have a car. Just say what you want.

At Project Hollywood, I don't have a bedroom (I live in Canada, and stay down
there on and off). I slept in a walk in closet with a mattress, and used that
to extract girls for months on end. It was very difficult, but rather than
complaining about it I made the best of it and made it work. I also do the
same when I travel and stay in a hotel room with five guys. I bring the girl
into the bathroom and turn on the shower so there is noise.

In any of these situations, if I flinch for a minute to show that I'm
self-conscious about it, I am done. I just control the frame. Control what
she thinks. Control what she feels. Control what she does. I don't let a
girl start thinking that me not having a car is a problem. I don't let her

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