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Lay Report: My First Asian!!!

mASF post by chessclub

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Lay Report: My First Asian!!!
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mASF post by "chessclub"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, February 2, 2005

Was in LA this weekend for a workshop/seminar.

It was the third and last night of workshop. I was out with the students and
the RSD crew.

We were out at the club. I opened a three set. Madbad came in for a moment
before moving on to another set. I was engaging them hardcore. The French guy
that they were with (which they turned out to have only known for 2 hours)
tried to drag them away. “You are being rude. Come sit down. I’m trying to
introduce you to my friends.”

They were slightly appalled at his abrasive manner, and continued talking to
me. One of them was now sitting down but was still facing me and the rest of
the girls. They were all 8’s from Chicago. One of them told me that they had
given the Frenchie a fake name.

He had bought them champagne. They tried to offer me some but the French man
protested. I was not his “guest”. He proclaimed.

He left for a moment so I stole his seat. I was in the middle of my Wheelchair
Hooker story when he came back hand yelled at me in front of “his” girls.

Frenchie: “That is my seat!”
Me: “There’s plenty of room, dude.” (I calmly made just enough room for him to
sit on the couch and continued my story)
Frenchie: “NO, I want to sit there and talk to her!”
Me: “It’s a free country.” (Motioning to the space I had made)

The French guy sat down reluctantly and I continued talking to the girls. After
a moment, I grew bored with them and decided to join the rest of the group with
the set that they were working on. Before getting up I noticed that the French
guy had 2 more girls with him, now. I decided to fuck up his set. Just for fun
(soo evil).

I came up and slapped him on the back addressing the girls. “This guy is so
awesome…I can’t believe he still a VIRGIN!” I chuckled added another back slap,
then back turned and walked away.

As I was moving towards the rest of the group, this AMOG asshole throws the
entire bottle of Veuve at me. Empty but none the less a very large (and glass!)
champagne bottle. It hit me on the back of the legs. Didn’t do any damage. I
suspect he threw it lightly because he didn’t want to make a scene that the
girls would see.

Except then this asshole had the audacity to call security. What was he going
to tell them? “The big bad mean giwrl called me a virgin, so I freaked out,
WAH!” Pathetic. Although I was a tad off calibration, it was still pretty
funny to see this guy blow himself out like that. Security didn’t do shit,

We moved on to the next location:
Once there we were pushing the students into set. One of them opened a two set.
His target was a blonde 8. I moved quickly to occupy the other, as she was
looking antsy. She was a little Asian girl with shortish hair wearing a school
girl outfit, a 7.5. Really nice body, smallish tits, and an okay face.

She was immediately into me. She asked me for a piece of gum. I borrowed one
from a Madbad, unwrapped it and put it in her mouth. She bit it and held it in
her teeth so I naturally went in to kiss her. We made out for a minute then I
pulled away.

All the boys (students and instructors) were standing there staring. I smiled
and laughed, then dragged her to the bathroom.

In line she was trying to suck on my boob. I made her stop. “Not here”, I said
as I pulled her hand away. We talked in the bathroom for a couple minutes. She
told me that she was the chef for the playboy mansion. Nice. When we came out
we were accosted by a stanky-ass whore with no patience. I blew her off, which
the little one found impressive.

We hung out, talked and made out for a few more minutes before it was last
call. Then it was time to go.

It was pouring outside. I mean fucking POURING. We stood outside for several
minutes. She was trying to convince me to come with her to the Playboy Mansion,
promising me to pay for my flight home, since I had a train in 4 hours. I
waited for her friend to come out. He said that they were going to his house
and that we should come. Hell no was I going to go to some dudes house. She was
going to come with me, I told him. After convincing him that she was safe with
me, yeah right, we finally headed towards Project Hollywood.

By the time we got there, we were completely drenched. Hardly anyone was back
yet. I got a comforter from the other room and made a spot to lie down in the
pillow pit.

We made out for a minute before she stopped and said, “I don’t just want to
have sex with you.” WTF? She insisted on reciting me a poem that she wrote. It
was actually kinda okay. I told her it was great and kissed her again. She was
saying shit like “I love you” and “stay with me here in LA, and I will take
care of you”. Weird.

I took off my shirt. Then hers.

I fingered her from behind with her skirt on and her panties pushed to the

I pulled them off and started to lick her pussy. It was shaved and kinda spiky.

I made out with her some more. She was humping my leg. Her pussy was very wet.
She had an orgasm.

She went down on me for awhile. Then came up and kissed me again.

I fingered her while she fingered me. We both came.

While we were lying there, right then, about five students, the rest of the
instructors, and some girls they had pulled from Mels diner walked in. We were
mostly covered up.

One of the girls screamed, “I saw an ass!” A lot of the guys were making
intrigued comments. I poked my head out and said, “What is this? High school?”
Then I went back under.

They all piled into the kitchen. We got dressed.

After that I had no desire to talk to the chick. I wanted her to leave. She was
saying weird things, like “I knew this would happen” and “I should go”. So I
ignored her and went to gloat with the boys.

Then I sorta felt bad and the guys told me to go down and be nice to her, since
she did work at the Playboy Mansion and all.

So I went back downstairs to talk to her. She gave me her number and kissed me
again. She said, “I know you won’t call me.” LSE.

Then her friend came to pick her up.

It was 4-5 by this time. I had to leave in 2 hours.

Some other highlights of the weekend:

∙It was awesome to see Xaneus’s game. So fucking calibrated. He picked up
the 3 hottest chicks in the bar on one night and I learned some amazing stuff
about push/pull from him during his talk at the seminar.

∙Learned a shitload about value and inner game» from TD’s speech this

∙Had a blast shooting the shit with shitloads of the most talented

∙Geoff and I winged some awesome sets together. We really know how to
play off of each other and vibe well, in set and on workshop.

∙Madbad and I got to hang out a lot as well. On one occasion at Mels we
saw Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. He was talking in sign language with an
amazingly hot black chick. I was tempted to run an opinion opener on him.

∙Mike was cracking me up the whole time with crazy stories of throwing
pickles down chicks shirts and pouring sugar in their purses while getting
AMOGed by short black guys.

All in all it was a great weekend. Until next time…



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