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At all all time low and hatin myself...

mASF post by Jamster

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At all all time low and hatin myself...
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mASF post by "Jamster"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2005

On 2/7/05 3:26:00 AM, PantyRaider wrote:
>There is a supplemental story
>to this post, which can be
>read in full at

Hey Guy,

You really aren't in that bad shape. You have some skills, you are doing some

Chicks dig you. ;)

You are making some changes in your life and you get shaken up a bit. Happens.

You take a corner real fast in a 'Vette, the stuff on the dashboard flies all
around the car. OK? Just clean up some of the trash and then you can take
some sharper corners.

So read the fornication manual. It will do you good.

You have what people here call "Oneitis" Lots of people get it. Most people
have had it.

Even the "PU Gawds" like Mystery end up with it, sometimes (see "Drama at
Project Hollywood" thread).

Lots of old material here as to how to get over it. You might want to read
that material. More important follow it.

You don't even need all of it. Just some will help. Follow it.

Look, I'm NOT a PU master. If I claimed to be, people here would howl with
derision. But you don't need advice from one of those guys now.

You want to know how to get two LA babes with boob jobs every week? Don't
listen to me, I can't help you there.

You want some pointers to get you back on your feet and better balanced? Read
what I wrote.

Jamster Geezer
"If you can't be graceful, fake it."

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