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Re: Wealth

mASF post by Pyro

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Re: Wealth
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mASF post by "Pyro"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2005

I would think having a really cool place would help a lot. If you've
got the money, why not have a genuinely cool place just for yourself.
The sky's the limit with what you can do. A bar, lights, a cool bed, a
movie theater with theater style chairs, rope lights, a top of the line
sound system for music and movies, a custom jacuzzi, a built in pool, a
waterfall... dude, if you've got enough money why not get the coolest
freaking place in the entire world. Look at design ideas in
Architectural Digest and hire somebody who knows what they're doing.
Then just invite girls you number close over. I think they'll get the idea.

In "Down With Love" the character of Catcher Block played by Ewan
McGregor says that 10 minutes in his apartment and any woman is
immediately seduced. Renne Zelwegger's character bemoans the fact that
men 'today' have apartments with every conceivable contraption for
getting a woman into bed. He's got a bar, and his couch unfolds into a
bed, and set of switches that each do a different thing (unfold the
couch, dim the lights, start the music, etc., etc.) Now that's a little
cheesy and maybe a little unrealistic, but I really think the skys the
limit. When she's at your place, she's on your turf.

Everyone always says that the Project Hollywood mansion makes it too
easy for the guys who live there to pickup. Hey, if you've got the
cash, why not?

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