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Lay Report: The Taking of the Girl Scout

mASF post by Geoff

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Lay Report: The Taking of the Girl Scout
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mASF post by "Geoff"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, December 12, 2004

The Situation: I’m down at Mel’s Diner after another successful night of
sarging with students. We typically go to Mel’s after for a debrief, and for
an additional bit of sarging. When you arrive at Mel’s on a Friday night at
2:30 AM, there’s always a wait outside with a list to get seated. People wait
there outside until their party is called. Right as we’re approaching the
entrance, I see a five-set of five girls all dressed girl scout uniforms. And
of course as is the usual standard for women when they dress-up, they’re
dressed as slutty girl scouts. On their satchels, I see “Trojan Condoms” for
patches, and I know to avoid the topic of girl scouts for the first couple

I go in and say, “Hey, guys, I need a quick female opinion, my sister just got
these two little puppy dogs and she wants to name them after an 80s pop duo.
Now, she was thinking Duran Duran, but you can’t have the dog named the same
thing. So, I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts…”

Them, “Hmmm…”

Me, “I have to ask, are you guys best friends”

Them, “No”

Me, “Fuck” (in my head)

Me, “How do you guys know each other?”

Them, “Well, we’ve been friends from high school.”

Me, “Wait, wait, who here is the bad girl of the group?”

Them, Start laughing and looking at each other, “Ummm…”

Then, I point at my target and say, “I bet it’s her…look at her looking all

The group starts laughing, and then, I start running the set telling stories,
keeping the entire group engaged on me. The one great thing about the set was
that I was having a great time as well. Then, next thing, I hear in the back
of my ear, “Geoff, party of five.”

I head inside because I wasn’t sure that I had adequate time with my target to
get a solid# close, and I also wanted to debrief the students on the evening.
The student that did wing me, had done really well and had mini-isolated one of
the girl scouts as well. We walked into Mel’s, and it’s always funny going
into Mel’s because after swooping, you always have this aura about you. It’s
weird to describe in text, and it’s even greater if you put two PUAs together.
Put me with Chariot, Hoobie, TD, Xaneus, Protocol, JLaix, or Paps and there’s
something that’s hard to escape about the aura between you two. All heads turn
toward you. To me what was interesting is that my sister saw a picture of
Jlaix, and she instantly said, “That guy has it [game].”

To me, that’s amazing. Whenever Papa, and myself were at the Playboy Mansion,
we had a writer come up to us and say, “Hey, we noticed you guys are the life
of the party, and we wanted to write an article on you guys.” Papa and I
looked at each other and laughed, Papa’s catch phrase is ‘high-society.’ We
nodded and both said ‘high-society.’ The reporter was like WTF?, and we
ignored her and we went back to having fun.

So, as the students and myself were walking in, wam the attention is on us.
The students I’ve found a lot of times are some of the coolest motherfuckers
that I’ve ever met. This one student was owner of one of the largest video
games companies, and he was getting laid already by 9s and 10s. He took the
workshop solely because he thought that it would be a fun way to spend his time
in LA.

So, we had a seat and popped a set on the outside patio area. Right as I’m in
the set, I see the girl scouts leaving. The student looks at me in that “Let’s
see you work your magic,” so I run up to the railing. I yell at my target,
“Hey, I need to ask you something?”

She says, “What.”

I respond, “Nothing, I was just using that as an excuse for you to come over
here. I want to continue talking with you, how can we can make that happen.”

Her, “I don’t know.” (To me, seemed like a blow off) I go into roleplaying,
and say, well, “Oh, well, all we can do is wonder how it could have been or
should have been. The fact is that we’ll never ever see each other again.”

She giggles a little, and I say, “How about this, take my number.” She says,
ok. Then, I punch it in her cellphone, and then call my cell phone.

Then, I call her up two or three times. The first phone call goes the same as
all my first phone calls,

“Hey, what’s up this is Geoff. I met you at Mel’s…hey the craziest thing
happened today. I was down there eating, and I saw this girl that looked just
like you. I walked up to her, and put my hands over her eyes and said ‘guess
who’? She says, ‘who is this?’ ‘Guess’ ‘Umm..Is this Nick?’ ‘No, come on
guess…’ ‘I don’t know’ ‘It’s Geoff’ ‘Who’s Geoff???’

Then, I usually fill the next part with fluff talk, telling stories and talking
about things that are interesting things to me. An important thing that comes
to mind while we’re on the topic is that you have to understand that there is a
percentage of chics that you will lose from getting the phone number to the
fuck. Now, I have no idea what the exact ratio is, and to say that it’s 100%
closing. I’d say that you’re doing really well if you can close about 40% of
your sets.

So, pretty soon the conversation is closing, and I have no plans at all to meet
up with this chic, so I end the phone call after about 5 minutes. Then, I call
her three days later. This time, I follow the same type structure, which is


The reason why I love any type of story to begin with is that you take the bulk
of the conversational ratio yourself. Then, we’ll assume that your story was
funny, then you can let her take over.

We’re on the phone, and I tell her, “Yeah, we should definitely see each other,
what are you up to tomorrow?”

She says, “Well, I have to work, but afterwards that should be cool”

Then I say, “Ok, great, I’ll call you tomorrow and we’ll setup the details.”

Here’s the key for me is that before ending the phone call, I end it on
something other than the plan. I’ve found that this shows that I’m a social
dude, who just called more to chat with her than to make plans.

I call her the next day, and I decide to meet her at her work. I borrow my
friends BMW 3-series (I don’t have a car, and don’t usually need one as we live
in the heart of Hollywood). I get to her place, and when I arrive, I can tell
that she’s a little bit nervous. (First date jitters). I start joking around,
and checking out all the supplements she had. She worked in a health food
shop. I was telling her that we should take some Kava-Kava, and overdose on it
and get fucked up.

Then, we left and headed to a little mini-date for drinks at a small bar on
Sunset Blvd. We get there, and we both get drinks and chill out. I have about
1.5 hours until my next date. (I stack day 2s. I try to go for 2-3 dates in
one night in case they flake, and then, I can go on all them or flake some of

When we get to the bar, I do my typical fake qualifiers, like what’s your
relationship like with your parents, do you do drugs or alcohol, and do you
work out. Whatever answer they give, I usually align with it. If they’re
like, “I don’t get along with my parents.” I might say, “Yeah, me neither,
they’re ok people, but we have our differences. It’s cool to find someone who
is the same as me.” It’s fake, but I play the game to get laid.

I agree with some of my role-models in the game, one of which who is toecutter,
who will tell a Jewish chic he’s Jewish so that she’ll accept him. Now, if it
turns into a relationship, and depending on how close you want the
relationship, you can chose to come clean. I play the game not to find “the
one” because I already have a great LTR that takes care of me and loves me, but
instead, I play it to learn more about what drives behavior, to help out guys,
and to get a little sexual variety in the mix. If you do want to find a great
chic and settle down, then you chose what path you feel is best fore you.

So, we do the fake qualifiers, and then, I start leading with Kino where I put
my leg on top of hers. Then, I get close to her and start touching her hand,
and she’s very resistant. I can see that she’s even uncomfortable with me
holding her hand, but that’s just a sign that I have to keep holding her hand
to get her to feel more comfort. It’s also very difficult for a guy like me to
ground my identity when I’m a “pick-up artist”, so instead I say things like “I
trade stocks”, “I am a fashion consultant”, or (randomly used) “I coach men on
dating” The last one has way too many open threads, and it leaves me

So, the natural occurrence a lot of times is that girls are a little bit
suspicisous, which can be good and bad depending on the angle. Yes, I’ve lost
lays because of this too, so don’t think that it’s all good to be a
professional pick-up artist-As I start feeling that her hand is starting play
with my hand, then I know that she’s comfortable for the kiss. I get my face
close to hers, and then I keep talking, so she gets used to the space invasion.
Then, I go in for the kiss, and it’s sunk. I give her a couple more comfort
kisses as the time progresses.

Then, as I see the time is up, and I feel that I’ve created a huge emotional
connection with the girl with yes-ladders, commonalities, and qualifiers, then
I suggest the leave.

We leave, and then I drop her off. We make-out a little, and then I do the
role-playing where I say, “God, what are you doing to me? Stop.” I leave and
go on my second day-2.

I keep in touch with her on the phone, calling her maybe once every 2-3 days
for maybe 5 minutes. Just a short banter, and then when my schedule is free we
go for the day 3. (By the way, I learned that from my buddy Style that it’s
much easier to close on the day 3 than day 2. I’ve done both, and I totally
agree with this. Now, that’s not to say that you can’t close it on the day 2,
but that’s just to say that it is possible to still get a great lay on a day 3)

So, I meet her for the day 3 over at the Pro-Ho mansion. She comes in and we
decide to go to a quick movie. My friend is gone but his 3-series is there.
She doesn’t want to drive, and wants me to take my car. I have to think really
fast and run inside, and after a quick discussion with Style, I run out and
tell her, “My buddy took my keys and hasn’t returned them yet. I don’t know
where he is, so we’re going to have to take your car.” She agrees, and we head
off to see the movie “The Machinist” (a kickass movie that has nothing to do
with PU).

We flirt and have fun, and I we are playfully teasing each other. I have to
watch-out not to go too hard because I have done that before, and the biggest
social error that I make is that I come across as “too cocky” according to some
chics. I back off at times and let her win, and say things like “You got
me…that was good, and I have no good response for that” while still maintaining
the frame.

On the way back, I mention that I have to get up early in the morning as a
pre-frame to the awkward moment when we get back to Project Hollywood. To me,
it’s much better than waiting until you get back to the house, and then saying,
“Well, I’ve got to get up early…” So, we get back to my place, and I say,
well, you can come in for a sec, I want to show you this thing called 20Q
( “ Then, rather than wait for her to say “Ok,” I just head
back inside and assume that she has agreed. I see her turn off her car and
watch her follow me inside.

Then, we get inside and play the 20q, she thinks it’s interesting. We then go
to the common area and talk a little more, and then we make-out. I then say
(as my bedroom is too far to try to caveman her to it), “Let’s go back to my
room. You need to give me a massage, and I want to talk to you some more.”

We then go inside there, and I ensure to leave on all the lights. I want her
to think that I’m not going to try to get frisky with her, then we lay down and
talk. Then, I go in and kiss her, and she says, “I want you to know something,
we’re not having sex.”

I say, “Ok, that’s cool, I just like spending time with you.”

Then, we kiss some more, and then we make-out. My hand starts wandering near
her sides, and I start doing the classic reach-around where I go down her butt
between her legs and rub her puss. She says, “Hey, hey, what are you doing?”
I smile, and I disacknowledge. I lay back a little and do a mini-freezeout
before moving back in. I go right back to the reach-around, and this time
there’s less resistance. She says, “Hey, hey, I told you we’re not having
sex.”’ I get indignant and say, “Who said anything about sex, I’m just having

Then, at this point, I really don’t give a fuck about fucking this chic because
sometimes rubbing one out is just as pleasurable. Also, I have other
obligations to go out with Hoobie and Chariot that night so, what I do is that
I bust out the cock (thx tuxmachine) and put her hand on it. She strokes it a
little bit, but she naturally doesn’t know what to do. I push her hand to the
side, and then I start stroking it while making out with her. Funny thing (and
this has happened several times know) is that as I stroke it, she starts
getting turned on.

She starts saying stuff like “This is unfair.” I keep jacking it, and one
thing that I always love to do is to put the tip of the penis on their lower
stomach. I do a little bit of that, and I pull her breasts right out of her
top and suck on them a little. She gets all self-conscious ( she doesn’t know
that I picked up on this btw) as she’s a B-cup (I’ve found that a lot of girls
are self-conscious about their breasts regardless of how sexy they are), and
she covers them up.

I drop the subject and go back to jacking my cock and making out with her.
Felling her puss and rubbing from behind. Man, I’m enjoying this shit, and
it’s kind of like a peep show. By the way, I’m also talking dirty to her,
saying things like. “We’re not going to have sex, but if we did have sex, how
great would it feel. Me inside of you, and you feeling my throbbing penis.”
Then, after about 10 minutes, I say to her, “Baby, you know what I love about
you are these breasts.” She smiles, and says, “You really know how to make a
girl feel good.” Then, I start sucking on her breasts, by the way for those
that want a visual, she was about 5’7” Armenian Chic.

Then, I get her top off, but leave on her bra. Then, I slide off her pants,
and then while she’s like this, she’s so fucking sexy, I don’t give a fuck if
we have sex or not. I’m checking out her body, making out with her, and
jacking it right by her. Then, she finally says, “This is too much, fine,
let’s have sex.”

My face lights up like a little kid who has just woken up on Christmas day.
This chick has just told me, “Let’s have sex.”

I know I’m not lasting for this one. I slide on the condom, and then, pull of
her panties. It takes me a while to find the entrance. I pump for a few
minutes, come. Then, never talk to her again, other than to leave a voice
message on her machine telling her, “I’m attracted to you, but I have a


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