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%2525252525252525255Bvideo%2525252525252525255D PUAMedia presents Chariot part 1 & 2

mASF post by FerrisBueller

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%2525252525252525255Bvideo%2525252525252525255D PUAMedia presents Chariot part 1 & 2
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mASF post by "FerrisBueller"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, December 12, 2004

Props for putting these vids out. I have learned a lot from the videos you guys
release. Chariot you have done well, great sarge's.

The main thing I got from the videos was how dumb the whole indirect vs direct
debate is. Its fucking stupid. I don't wish to hijack this thread on the
indirect vs direct thing but, either choice of game, the girls still know what
it up. You are approach a chick, thus you are interested in fucking her.
Simple. Girls know that you are picking them up when you approach. The words
you use do not matter, they can be direct or indirect. As long as the basic
shit is down, you will get the girl. Its only natural for pussy to say yes to

When Chariot opener with the "indirect" 80's dog opener only the WORDS are
indirect, but still he is showing interest and being direct. Everything
besides his words indicates to an observer that he is interested and this is a
PU (do not confuse interest with being needy, rapport seeking, so on). Chariot
has a strong frame. Its like a chick with fake tits, its obvious what the fuck
is up despite the choice of "indirect" or "direct" way of communicating.
Chariot's non verbals are doing everything right. He isn't being needy (has
cool laid back BL), vibes well, dresses well, goes for rapport but does not
seek it in an AFC way, in is authoritative (hand holding, moving set), takes no
bullshit, ignores threads that do not help, leads the interaction, busts (shows
high value), kinos congruently, blah, blah, insert ASF rhetoric here. Its
obvious that he wants the chick but does it in a PUA not AFC way. This shit is
fucking simple. Well done Chariot.

Anyway you guys were guests instructers at right RSD? Is this the approximate
standard of RSD game? I missed the RSD workshop in my city due to financial
reasons (uni student with 0 cash) so I never found out what the typical RSD
skillset was like compared to where I am at now.

On 12/6/04 6:56:00 AM, Hoobie wrote:
>Yo guys,
>While doing our RSD trainer
>program here at Project
>Hollywood, me and Chariot
>decided one day last week to
>take the video camera out and
>do a bit of day sarging. I've
>released the first two videos,
>which will hopefully be part
>of a series... Depending on
>whether or not we get off our
>asses and out of the house to
>do more. It features some of
>the latest RSD material - like
>the "80's Dogs Opener"; and
>the "Trust Test". Check them

Yeah defiantly get them out.

>... While I'm here at 4AM
>KJ'ing. :(
>ps. you have to log on in
>order to access the videos.

PS. The format of is hard to navigate around.

Good work.

They started talking, our job as PUAs is to keep them talking, attract, go into
the routines, extract and fuck. - Commander Zap

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