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[video] PUAMedia presents Chariot part 1 & 2

mASF post by Hoobie

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[video] PUAMedia presents Chariot part 1 & 2
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mASF post by "Hoobie"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, December 12, 2004

Yo guys,

While doing our RSD trainer program here at Project Hollywood, me and Chariot
decided one day last week to take the video camera out and do a bit of day
sarging. I've released the first two videos, which will hopefully be part of a
series... Depending on whether or not we get off our asses and out of the house
to do more. It features some of the latest RSD material - like the "80's Dogs
Opener"; and the "Trust Test". Check them out.

I have to get Chariot to write up a brief field report in the morning. Right
now, he and TylerDurden are upstairs banging a 2set they just pulled from
"World" nightclub here in Hollywood.

... While I'm here at 4AM KJ'ing. :(

ps. you have to log on in order to access the videos.

Chariot video #1

Chariot video #2

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