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Field Report: Exclusive LA - The sarge of Paris Hilton

mASF post by chariot

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Field Report: Exclusive LA - The sarge of Paris Hilton
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mASF post by "chariot"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, December 12, 2004

Ok so im sitting here at project hollywood after a night of sarging probably
the most exclusive club.
Brittney Spears, Mandy Moore, Paris & Niki Hilton were all there - along with a
big host of celebs.

Hoobie and I waited in this line for 3 hours just to see if we could get in.
The promoter chick of the club likes us because we arent hanging on the rope
looking all needy like every other person that wants to get in (credit

Its interesting to observe the validation dynamics at play in this type of
situation. You have girls literally CRYING because they cannot get inside. They
NEED to get in - its another form of social validation for them.

Anyway all these cameras flash in our face as Paris is escorted right past us
inside. She is way more gorgeous in real life, btw. At this point im like "Ive
never felt the urge to sarge so great than Paris rolling right past me".

We get inside. Wow. Celebrity CITY. Im feeling kinda dazed because we just
waited in line for 3 hours and the fact we are surrounded by people with
maximum social value - we are pretty spun out by the whole deal.

I look to my right - and its none other that Paris and Nicki Hilton with a
bunch of dudes surrounding them at the bar. NO TIME TO THINK - HIT THE SET!

chariot: "Hey guys - we need your help with something - we have this song in
our head... "You spin me right round baby right round...." but we cant figure
out who sings that song!"
paris: "I dunno"
chariot: "Whoa. I know that look.
paris: "What!?"
chariot: "That is the sniper look! - youve got it. That look can cut people
(new routine I posted over in advanced)
paris: giggles and puts on the "Look" at me.

I turn to hoobie, slightly backturning paris - paris is all jumpy dancy

hoobie: "Whoa - all these L.A girls are so ADD"

right now my headspace is BLANK. I realise that PAPA has run most of the canned
material that im about to run. Im running on canned material because my mind
has been BLANKED out because of the new high pressure environment.

Paris Kinos my arm.

I turn to her as she looks over her shoulder at me and walks off.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr - Ok. Its cool. I grab hoobie to get another set in before I
re-engage paris.

We jump on a couple of sets but all im thinking is WHERE IS PARIS?

We search the club. NOWHERE. Shes gone. Shows over.

In my disappointment we go in search of brittney. She is in a corner kissing
some dude with black bouncer guys surrounding her. Hmmmmm. Was that her sister
over there???? I think i spot what looks like her sister... it probably is... I
grab hoobie and we hit it up.

I open and bust on her a bit. I run my short game on her - and get her tranced
out while introing to the CUBE (I will post some more on trancing-out too, as
geoff and I have been dissecting it). I sit her and continue with cube and
number close her. Hoobie is doing very nicely occupying her friend. Anyway... I
find out its not brittneys sister but some rich girl who has royalty ties with

I'll call her tomorrow - maybe. Hoobie me and Geoff went out last night and
carved up a trendy L.A club. We all ended up with like three numbers, I got a

And so ends this night of craziness. Hindsight is the most beautiful thing. I
know exactly what I should have done with Paris - that is drop the routines and
vibe whilst maintaining my attraction. When your in these exclusive venues -
value is a GIVEN.

In other news - I have a girlfriend who lives in Orange County and is featuring
on the new O.C series. I gamed her with students on an RSD bootcamp - and
shagged her two days after. Will write up a full LR at some stage.

All is fun here in Project Hollywood. Its great ive been exposed to this
high-end scene now. I can see how it works - I WILL NOT fail in this situation
again, because I will be used to the emotions.

More adventures and late night tales of chariot to come.


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