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rapid fire value - turnaround mannerism conspiracy

mASF post by chariot

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rapid fire value - turnaround mannerism conspiracy
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mASF post by "chariot"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, November 11, 2004

I use this undesirable mannerism turn-around a lot in set now - especially
because im in project hollywood L.A right now and these girls need serious
value checks.

Direct in-field CERTIFIED by your true friend, chariot.

This formula can work for any un-desirable mannerism or locked up expression
the girls give you.

The Structure:

a) pick any UNDESIRABLE expression/mannerism/body language/trait that girls
b) spin that into a routine that is misinterpreting that x-mannerism
c) create a conspiracy around your target that SHE is displaying that mannerism
- and laugh about it with the rest of the group

A typical routine:

The routine is based upon the STONE COLD look that girls give. The look that
will cut you down in seconds - that BITCHY look that makes an AFC out of a
rockstar QUICK. I see a lot of people getting this look after poorly opening.
This is one of the techniques used to counter it while amping value and

chariot:"(to target - or bitchiest in group) Ohhhhh, I see it in you...
chariot: "(now to group) She does the SNIPER LOOK - I bet all you guys have
seen her do it. Its that LOOK that is programmed into EVERY girl. Its that
pouty, eyes half closed, look that says - i cant believe you slept with my best

girls giggle HARD here - they even try do imitate the "look".

chariot: "(engaging whole group, involving them in the conspiracy) see - I knew
she did - do the look for us, we all want to see it"

This is one of the routines around the bitchy look which im sure you have all
seen. By busting the girls on these creatively - you highten your value very

THEN you have set up call-back humor for the night - just call them all
"Snipers" at random intervals to pump states and stay on top of them ;)

If all is well you could even escalate to a toungedown by isolating a girl and
playfully calling her "sniper (lean in), sniper (lean in more), sniper
(kiss)... or whatever.

The Dissection:

This is coming from an ENTERTAINMENT frame NOT COCKY FUNNY - if you are C&F
when you say this it is sub-communicating you are affected by these undesirable
mannerisms and then you effectively lower your value.

The difference is in the CREATIVITY. For example - I called the look/mannerism
a "Sniper" which makes it FUNNY therefore ENTERTAINING.

The frame is simply you are entertained by these retarted mannerisms that girls
do - and the fact that you can recognise that they are pulling bullshit means
you are COOLER.


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