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Field Report+: Super fast makeouts x3, AMOGs and fun in SF

mASF post by paradiso_rush

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Field Report+: Super fast makeouts x3, AMOGs and fun in SF
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mASF post by "paradiso_rush"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, November 11, 2004

Yo. This is a dual field report, as I am up in San Francisco and took my buddy
out tonight. He's a total newbie to cold pickup, so this was his introduction
to the game. I was running high octane attract mostly, going for super fast
makeouts, demonstrating AMOGing and other fun shit. So, introducing my friend

Aurelius: Hi guys. I'm Aurelius. Like Paradiso says, I'm a complete newbie to
this. He and I have been friends and in business together for years, and he's
told me about the
PUA community multiple times. I've read your boards, I've read some of the
articles, and heard the tales fom Project Hollywood. But you know, frankly, I
never really bought it
until tonight.

Little background to myself. I'm 32, reasonably attractive, athletic body,
founder/CEO of a successful (albeit small) company, etc. I've never had a
problem getting laid or dating attractive women, and since I broke up with a
girlfriend of 2.5 years in August, I've had a dating life that's ridiculously
busy. I mean, I don't want to sound like a dick, but I'm used to women being
attracted to me. I'm used to sleeping around a lot. I usually get what I want,
in short. Paradiso does well as far as I can tell, but man, I've been on a
MAJOR hot streak lately. Dating 5 women currently.

The exception for me has always been what you guys call cold pickups. They
scare the hell out of me. I don't know what it is. I think it's the latent nerd
in me. Until about age 16 or 17 I was definitely a nerd, and I'm sure it's had
a major effect on my psyche in one way or another. I probably seek approval so
much that it cripples me on cold pickups.

On women who are introduced to me by a friend or whom I meet via things like, I have no problem at all because the fear of rejection is absent.

Watching Paradiso tonight was more than just interesting. It was completely
fucking fascinating. I've never seen anything like it. We were in Dragon Bar in
San Francisco (in North Beach), and I just watched him seemingly effortlessly
approach the hottest women in the (crowded) bar all night. And the way he did
it made me realize something: I've been, when it comes to really hot women,
stuck in a mindset of scarcity rather than the mindset I should be in, which is
one of plenty.

Example: At the end of the night, Paradiso was talking to a woman he had made
out with earlier and her (attractive) friend. The one he had made out with (out
of 3) was the one
I found most attractive of all the women he had seen that night. Up until this
point, I was doing my best to stand at an inobtrusive distance and try to
listen to what he was
saying while trying to watch what he was doing without staring. I got tired of
that though, and decided to go join him with the two women.

Walked up, said something lame like, ", my friend!" and put my arm around him
friendly-like. Seemed to go over well. He introduced me to the one whose hand
he was holding (the one I found most attractive) and she leaned into me and
whispered, "You're gorgeous." and then kept her
cheek on mine as if she wanted to kiss me. I would have, but of course, didn't
want to step on Paradiso's toes. Instead I said, "Thanks, so are you." Eh.

Alright, so I really wanted to get with her, but didn't know what Paradiso was
thinking, so I started talking to her cute friend. This is where it gets really
sad. I've read enough of your forums and such to realize that what I was about
to say was NOT the right thing to say, and yet...I fucking said it anyway. Just
went ahead and blurted it out.

"So, do you live around here?" Haha, yeah, yeah, I know it's lame. I cringed as
it came out of my mouth.

So why the hell did I behave like this? It sickens me. I think it all comes
down to the mindset of scarcity. The hot girl who told me I'm gorgeous made me
think, "Holy shit,
here's this 22 year old hottie that thinks I'm hot! I better be nice to her!"
Typical AFC attitude, I know (although I'm only an AFC in the cold pickup
environment). Then when I
turned to talk to her friend, I thought...bullshit, I didn't think. I just said
something safe and comfortable that is the sort of meaningless boring crap most
people say to each

Anyway, my eyes were opened tonight. Paradiso was impressive, and I stood
around like a drooling idiot, amused-to-hell though I was. This is a skill I
need to acquire.

Paradiso: OK, I'm back. So tonight was about fun high octane stuff and FAST
closes. Going out with Roccckstar last weekend made me realise I can escalate
WAY sooner than I often do, so tonight I decided to push it. The results were
pretty fucking awesome.

First set I open is a group of 3 girls - 2 tallish blondes and one little
brunette. I open the blonde, who Aurelius gave an 8.5, but he's into big titted
blondes and I live in
LA, so she was a 7.5 to me. I run a new opinion opener, which is working nicely
for me, though pretty much everything opens for me most of the time these days:
"Hey, tell me if you think this is romantic or just fucking crazy. Our friend
just moved to Seattle to be

with a woman. Which I think is kind of a big deal anyway, but get this - she's
married." Blondie comes over and is already attracted hard. I put my arm around
her and ask how the 3 of them are connected. The two blondes are best friends,
and the brunette is the roommate. I ask who is the leader, tease them and play
off it. They love it. Some more
standard C&F, calling my one a bad girl, the usual. The blonde is asking me
rapport questions, so I answer her while squeezing her hands and start making
out with her. They
go off to dance or whatever, so I say I'll see them later. Total time from
opener to makeout: about 3 minutes.

Next I open a cute brunette chick while her sister talks to another guy. Same
high octane game, super playful but sexually aggressive. I stop short of the
makeout due to
calibration. The little sister finishes talking to the guy, and comes up. She's
a cute little thing, and looks like a little party girl, so I tell her she's
naughty and grab
her. She's horny too. I tell her she's a little cutie, but too naughty so we
can't hang out. We play thumbwar, and she moves her arm around so I tell her I
will spank her if she
cheats again. She does, so I take her hips, spin her around, bend her over and
spank her HARD. Her buying temp is spiking massively, and her arms are around
me now.

Her sister comes over and tells her they are leaving. I tell the cutie that she
had better go, but she has to kiss me first. She leans forward, and we make out
for 30 seconds or so. They leave. Time from opener to makeout under 5 minutes.

Aurelius and I hang by the bar chatting for a bit, then suddenly the brunette
from the 3 set comes back over and starts talking to me. This is a massive IOI,
so I again just
start escalating immediately. I move in to kiss her and she gives me her cheek.
Aurelius points out later that a few seconds after this, she's putting her hand
on my shoulder. We chat a little more, just vibing, and I'm just squeezing her
hand and exuding good fucking postive sexual energy, I move in and we start
making out.

She leaves, I start talking to Aurelius again and literally one minute later I
feel a TONGUE in my fucking ear. It's the blonde I made out with earlier, part
of the same 3 set
as the brunette I just made out with. She's clearly seen what just happened
with me and her friend, so she is coming in HARD. Haha. I love girls. I make
out with her again a
little, then she goes off again.

I see a tall brunette SHB in the corner looking bored while her friend talks to
someone, so I go in and run my Seattle opinion opener. Good response again,
it's going great, and
I fucking love this girl as she's truly beautiful and slim and tall and dark
like I like, but after a couple of minutes the friend comes over and says they
are leaving. Damn.

Aurelius and I then leave the bar to look for new venues. I see a pair of hot
girls (an 8 and a tall skinny beautiful brunette SHB) talking to this
too-smooth looking promoter
type in the street, so I move in to demonstrate some AMOGing. He's trying to
get them to come into his club, so I put my arm around him and say to the girls
"Guys, this guy is just too fucking smooth. I think he's trouble." One of his
buddies then speaks up: "Hahaha, yeah man, you look like a used car salesman!"
He's so fucking blown out it's

Aurelius: So I'm watching Paradiso blow this very well-dressed promoter-type
out, and I was standing about 6 feet away unable to contain my laughter. I
mean, this guy kept trying to manouver so that the two women weren't focused on
Paradiso, and as if they couldn't just change their focus to keep it on
Paradiso no matter what lame attempts at interest ignition the promoter-type
made. Paradiso couldn't see it, but the guy just kept trying to move back in,
but neither of the chicks were having it. They were totally focused on Paradiso
at this point.

Paradiso: Anyway, the super hot one is desperate for the toilet (my response:
Wow, I am SO pleased you told me that. You are, like, SO classy! Are you doing
a number one or number two? Her: Number one! Her friend: WTF!!)

Anyway, she goes off to piss and we move along. The two places we try are dead
so we come back to the original place. I find the two blondes from the original
3 set. They are near the dancefloor so I come up to them, put my arms around
their waists and say, "Hey guys, I missed you SO much!" The blonde I made out
with says "You know, Corinne (the other blonde) likes you too." Hehe. These
girls are horny as fuck. This is the point Aurelius comes in, and next is a
CLASSIC example of buying temperature transfer. The dynamic is a bit weird here
as he doesn't quite know how to deal with it (heh, no offense man). He starts
talking to the friend, but it plays out like he describes above.

All in all, fucking fun stuff. Mmm, LA is waiting.


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