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My Tribute to Sarging (VIDEO)

mASF post by Loverboy

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My Tribute to Sarging (VIDEO)
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mASF post by "Loverboy"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, November 11, 2004

While working on one of the Eurotrip episodes with Hoobie before he heads off
to Project Hollywood this week, we felt a need for some 'romantic footage' for
one of the scenes. That task, however, proved more difficult than we expected.
Kazaa and co. seemingly gave preference to Paris Hilton over any quality soppy
romantic karaoke video clips...upon that quest, I came across some old footage
of my ex-LTR. I got distracted and inspired at the same time to create a
little something to remember...

Without further adieu, here's my tribute...

Username: fastseduction
Password: puamedia (20 MB)

Hoobie and I have also finally decided today that it is about time to
officially release PUAMedia.Com <URL:> to all our
favorite people in da house. We hope you guys like what we've been secretly
working on... you can just go there directly to get access this vid + more.

-My Story-
How time flies by... Isn’t it funny how sometimes when you look at where you
are today, and remember where you were exactly last year, or the year before,
and think about what it was that led you here in the first place, you just
notice all the progresses you've made all the way to where you are today?

In sharing my personal story, some of you may not relate to it whatsoever,
while others might relate to bits and pieces. Either way, I hope that the
changes and the journey I took in my life for the past 10 years (beyond that of
the video) show those of you who may still be stuck in a rut somewhere that if
you keep swimming, you're getting closer to your destination each day.

-Where my journey began-
I lived quite a sheltered life until I was 13, when I went to study abroad.
Like most high schools, mine was co-ed. Now this was interesting. I have
actually only been to an all boys school until that moment. The only form of
female communication I have had were with my mom, grandma, sisters, aunts,
maybe the occasional female shop assistant. And of course, there was porno…the
joys of life.

When I arrived on campus, I was shocked. I’ve never seen so many white girls
in one place... with their clothes on!! To this day, I can still remember
Maggie in that tight spandex in the library, Sophie in her mini skirt and heels
walking around the common rooms, the post-grad good/bad girls Danielle and
Charlotte … and of course, there was Gloria... who I'll get to her in a minute!

-The socially awkward-
I missed home. Quite a bit. In my first year of high school, I stayed in my
shell, and spent most of my time on the web (probably to download porn… what
else would I do? LOL) I would go to dining hall, sit alone in the corner by
myself and keep my eyes on my food, or take the tray to an upper floor corner
and eat there by myself. I didn't really know that many people, and didn't
hang with many. I wore headphones ALOT to and from class. My grades weren’t
great because I didn’t feel like doing work and was literally feeling

I still tried. I wanted to fit in. I wanted the acceptance. I remember
running for ‘class rep’ my first year and got less than 30 votes from a class
of 300. Isn't it exciting to realize how popular you were... this was nothing
like how it was like back home. I was culturally shocked, my english was still
broken and I was the guys the jocks on the benches outside loved to laugh at.
Why am I even here?? I wanted to leave.

At the same time, I wanted to stay... I liked the fact that there were GIRLS
around... :) I tried to copy some of the ‘cool guys’ and started to wear baggy
jeans, van shoes, and started skateboarding... but strangely that didn't seem
to do anything for me. I then heard that girls love the PGs and jocks who play
ice hockey, so I tried that... except that I couldn’t even skate. I remember
even buying some Pheromone, the first line on their ad saying something like...

“QUESTION: How many sprays do you use???
ANSWER: That depends on how many girls you can handle!!!”

I thought this would get me in with the ladies. My mission was to get close
enough so they could get a good whiff of it, and then get their number. I
actually got numbers...but when I called them and asked them out, I am certain
that a few actually told me to never call them again...

Things I Learned: Trying to get attention and trying too hard to fit in doesn’t
draw people to you. Instead, it pushes them away. Neediness is not attractive
whatsoever. Don’t do things just because they would get me an end result
elsewhere, especially if passion is lacking. And... pheromones are not exactly
the way to get laid...

-The Socially Savvy-
I don’t exactly live by those awfully embarrassing moments, but I stuck it
through… and time flew by.

By my last year in high school, I was the kid everyone knew. I was the dude
that everyone loved to hang with. I was the guy whose name, should it be
mentioned in front of an audience of 1500 say at a school gathering, would
yield cheers and screams and shouts from an audience of 1600, because the
teachers would be doing it too. I got away with absences more than the jock or
prom queen. I was doing much better academically and got into some top notch
universities. I directed an a serenade group with my best friend that girls
loved, and we would get requests from chicks with crushes on me to go sing for
them. I played on the ice hockey and lacrosse teams, not for girls, but
because I truly enjoyed it. Chicks that my guy friends fancied would look at
me, whisper to each other, blush and giggle as they walk by, most likely
because they recognize me from my singing group (illustrating the power of
social proof in the right context). I had a couple of girls even ask me out.

But you know what? I was STILL not getting laid.

Things I Learned: Stick through the hard times, because when the good times
happen, you’ll be glad you did. Being COOL and POPULAR gives a lot of leverage
outside of pick up and is also an important step. Focusing on goals is also
the same, along with doing things you're truly passionate about and enjoy
doing. Social proof also obviously works! And… capitalize on the interest,
because you may miss out on a great gal!

-My high school crush-
Deep down, I wanted a girlfriend to kiss and cuddle. I was now almost 18 years
old, still a virgin, and never even gone beyond holding hands with a girl. I
mean, how could this be? I was no longer the 14 year old kid who called random
numbers on the phone. Girls no longer told me to fuck off. But I think
somewhere in the back of my head, that slight fear remained, and I didn’t want
to lose all that I’ve achieved through all these years.

Half way through my last year, I met a girl called Gloria. She is this
beautiful mixed girl, with the biggest brightest eyes and a C-shaped smile
(j/k). When I thought our eyes locked, my heart fluttered. I became almost
infatuated with her… thought about her night and day. I’d try to hang out at
places she’d hang out, just so I can chat to her briefly. She was all I could
think about. But... how do I ask her out? I had no idea, despite my
increased social savviness. I remember going on the internet, looking up ‘how
to ask a girl out’. Don Diebel from ‘Get Girls’ back then dominated the AFC
market, and that’s when I learned my first few ‘chat up’ lines… including the
classic ‘Is your father a thief? Because he must have stole the stars from the
sky and put them in your eyes!’ to ‘What's a good girl like you doing in a
place like this?’ Classy!

For Gloria’s birthday, I wanted to surprise her. I got her friends to arrange
for her to be alone, and turned up with my singing group and serenaded her. On
Valentine's Day, I bought her chocolates and also a balloon with her name on
it. I actually thought I saw her with my balloon and chocolate in hand,
happily skipping along the paths. I thought I bagged THAT one.

I still never knew what was going on though. For one, I never asked her. The
situation was never clear to me. This dragged on for months, until one day I
called her up and asked her straight out what she thought of me. She told me
that she really likes me, blah blah blah… except that there’s a small problem…

She’s a mormon.

Things I Learned: If a chick tells you that she wakes up at 5 in the morning to
go to church… be warned! And most importantly of all… being nice and romantic
and singing to chicks and buying them shit may temporarily get them all giggly,
but it doesn’t necessarily get you laid!

-College life-
It was weird, because there wasn’t a real ‘transition’ from high school (where
I never even made out with a girl) to my first few weeks in college. The ball
started rolling after a night out with friends just a couple of weeks into
university. A girl which a lot of guys I know fancied were out with us. She
started talking to me as we both got drunk, we started massaging each other.
My friends told me to get out of there with her… but I was so clueless, I
didn’t see what was going on. But I listened to them anyway, and I literally
dragged her out of the bar into the street, and we started making out in the
middle of the street. On hindsight I must’ve gotten quite drunk, because I
think I even took a wizz in a garbage bin and almost got arrested...

I actually managed to get her back all the way to my room and get clothes off,
but that was about it…before she gave the slightest resistance and I actually
said ‘oh ok’ and switched on the lights. !

Then, I managed to somehow repeat the process a few weeks later. I was out at
a party, when I saw this girl in a short red PVC skirt and I thought I wanted
her. I said something to her, and took her to a different room, and made out
with her. All while her boyfriend was at the party, but he was passed out.

I don’t know about you guys, but this to me was a BIG fucking deal back then… I
made out with girls! (even though they’re still within social circles… but

What I realized: Shit, it’s not that fucking hard after all. I wish I could go
back and do high school ALL over! I seriously missed out...

-Discovering ASF-
I met my ex-LTR (girl in the video) not long after that.

The story with her, is pretty much explained in the video. What actually
happened, was that one of my best friends fancied her. The original plan was
that I’d take her friend, and that my friend would take her. But that didn’t
exactly go according to plan....

A couple of weeks later, she came over and we had a great dinner, a wonderful
chat, and she ended up sleeping over…

Nothing like that has ever happened to me before. And I thought that THAT was
it… that she is the one. I went so AFC on her, I actually asked her to be my

She did, and we ended up going out for years. But during these years, once our
2 month honeymoon period was over, the relationship could only be descripted as
tumultuous. We would break up, get back together, break up again. Wash, rinse
and repeat. We would argue about stupid shit, I was insecure about our
relationship, and so was she.

Despite all these problems, I seriously thought this was a girl I was going to
marry. But frankly, it was more out of the convenience. I saw how many
hotties there were out there, but I just didn’t think I would be able to bag
them. Even though having a hottie on my arm did give me a false sense of
security and confidence, that I could, I was conflicted.

It’s funny how that works. Because after she broke up with me, I crashed. I
had issues with my looks, how much money I had, my race, and all kinds of
excuses. I missed having someone there to cuddle at night, and just someone
who was always there for me. It took me a long time to get over her, and the
fact that she broke up with me made me think that there was something wrong
with me. To add to the wound, she went to study abroad, and started going out
with a guy who went to my high school, and is 3 years younger than me AND her.
Then again,his dad owned an oil company...

That was quite a low point of my life. I didn’t know how I’d move on. I didn’t
hook up with a girl since then...

...until I found ASF.

-From break up to make up-
ASF. The community where PUAs are born and bred. I actually once stumbled
upon it back in 2000, when Mystery was still discussing neg theory, and
RSD/Badboy were still yet to be born. The first girl I ran SS on asked my
friend why I was being so weird and I stopped using it, but now, thinking back,
I was reciting completely canned stuff… so no surprise there… it just goes to
show that material without delivery is worse off than no material at all.

About a year after I broke up with my ex, I was on eBaY browsing when emailed
some guy randomly. I don’t know how our conversation went, but it resulted in
him telling me about the LSS (London Seduction Society).

That is where my PUA journey started. I was on LSS for a few months, and just
read and theorized without going out.

Note: All you guys who just sit at home and read, I can totally relate to
because sometimes getting your ass out of that chair and taking action requires
a good enough reason to change.

But I had enough of it all, and I was ready. I found PAIR where I met my main
wing Richie. I didn't know what to expect when I met up with them, I just
remember that it was far beyond my expectations. Without Richie, I don’t think
I would’ve gotten to where I am today.

I still remember that first day when Richie, Zoey and Brian were showing me how
to open a girl. Haa. Man. I think I approached 1 set that entire night.
Yeap, I once had the same troubles that everyone here has had too. :)

A few outings later, I pulled off my first club cold approach make out. I
thought I was day dreaming, and thinking how the fuck did that happen? Haha, I
mean to have such a strong reaction to a KISS close... imagine what happened
when I got my first C.A. fuck close...

The biggest changes are in what I believe and in the way I look at things now.
Here are some examples of what I used to wonder/believe vs what I quite
strongly believe now (in bold):

-Hot girls are so special: Hot girls are like my little furry play things. I
can acquire them in most stores. They are more than abundant, and they all
want me to take them. They love letting me play with them... and they all want
me to fight over which one is my favorite toy. They want me to touch them and
play with them... ALOT.

-I should listen to what they have to say very carefully: Why would I give a
shit about what they think or say? I don't even listen to my mom. After all,
most of them only have looks. In fact the hotter they are, the more fucked up
their thinking and more gibberish shit comes out of their mouth.

-I should find out about them, how interesting they are, ...but I feel so
anxious too: I'm not only way more interesting, but I'm also way funnier,
cooler, and kick ass than all of my play toys. But I'll close my eyes and
pretend for a second that maybe they are cooler... if they suck my dick. Since
I'm always cooler than them, I'm always more relaxed than them. But I'll give
them a bit of space to ease the pressure because they really really want to get
with me... they are the ones who are anxious...

-I'll fulfill their fantasies, that'll get me in their panties: Girls want me
to tell them what to do. They want me to take over. They want to do x? Fuck
that. Because I'm doing y. x can wait when I'm finished with the xxx.

-If I'm lucky, maybe I'll get her: They are ALL MINE. If I really want to and
decide to stay in a set and keep gaming my target, I will dick her. I will.

-I'm not sure if they want sex from me: Girls want to fuck... way more than I
do. They want sex, like really really bad. They are GAGGING for my dick.
Now, every hour, every minute, every second. They also REALLY like to swallow,
despite all their denying.

-If a chick acts bitchy, she's rejecting me: The hoe playing hard to get?
Great.. that's because she WANTS me. She's doing it to compensate for her lack
of an interesting life and good looks. But that's ok. I pity that. Really.

Despite breakthrough epiphanies, I've also had alot of frustrating moments and
still do in field. So I'm NO where close to being set yet!! It's just the
nature of the game. The frustration is an indication of growth, because the
limitations are about to be stretched to a new level... but either way, I'm
having a good time, with or without the hoes ;)

Let's here all your stories!

Wishing you all the very best,

The Scotland Lair <URL:>

PUAMedia.Com <URL:>

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2004 by "Loverboy" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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