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“PUing is like weightlifting”

mASF post by Big Mack

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PUing is like weightlifting”
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mASF post by "Big Mack"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, November 11, 2004

This is a quote from Jlaix in a lecture he gave at Project Hollywood. He went
on to talk about how he read this study that found that getting rejected by
women provokes the same areas of your brain that are stimulated when you also
feel physical pain. Interesting. So every time a high-bitch shield HB blows you
off it literally is a kick in your face - or so that's how your body feels.
With this in mind Jlaix said that it's all about repetition, and being able to
endure this pain. In sum: After taking lot of hits you'll no longer feel pain,
rather you'll just keep getting stronger and stronger.

[BTW the quote is also mentioned in TD's recent post "Finding a million excuses
for limiting beliefs" - which I recommend reading as well]

There hasn't been any other time other than the past week in which I've so
fully understood and felt what Jlaix was talking about. I'm rAFC. I've been
constantly having crazy ups and downs in my game and my inner state. On several
occasions I feel like I'm reinventing the wheel, and that I'm back to scratch.
I'm fuckin frustrated every time I'm out of state and when I'm unable to go
through with something at each level - I feel that deep bitterness I had
towards women and the games they play prior to discovering the seduciton
community. But after completing each level I feel my AFCness shedding away

Similar to weightlifting, you have to develop all areas of PUing. If you've
only been bench pressing for the past 6 months and nothing else, you'll suck
when you first try squatting 500lbs. Same thing with PUing. If all you've been
approaching were UGs then you'll fuck up when you approach your first HB. If
all you've been doing is sarging at clubs/parties/bars then you'll fuck up
daytime sarging. If all of your sarges have been with wings you met through
PAIR, you'll fuck up when you first try sarging on your own. Etc etc etc....
everytime you add a new variable to the skillset or the environment expect to
fuck up to begin with. You haven't trained those muscles yet.

Furthermore, I'm rAFC. Like last week I was fucking awesome on my own, and I'd
be able to #close whenever and I always felt ON while out daygaming. But it's
been a while since I've been out (about 3 days), and now I'm no longer able to
do it. I mean, I am able to do it, but I seem like I lost it. I've gotta
practice again to get it back. I used to be a competitive runner, and our
coaches would tell us that you'd lose your endurance/stamina if you don't run
for 3 days. I see the same exact thing with PUing b/c I'm currently a rAFC --->
If I don't stick with something, and I forgoe it for 3 days I will have to work
on it all over again (this means my state, my ability, etc etc).

This shit is frustrating as fuck. Also, once I started #closing a lot I found
that my phone game was weak and then I was pissed off at that shit. I also find
my mind constantly constantly rationalizing my approach anxiety and bad
state..... I go buy coffee/Red Bull in an effort to improve my sarges....I
spend extra time to groom myself real carefully before going out. To really get
fast results, I've gotta just do it and take the hardest hits through
repetition asap.

It's fucking wicked. My goal is to feel comfortable approaching girls 24/7
regardless of how well I'm groomed or what I'm wearing. I've been setting goals
of doing 105 approaches/week, but I really underestimated how tough it was
going to be to get that 24/7-comfort and I also never expected myself to have
"off days" - days I just have really bad state for no fucking reason at all. I
find that as I get out more and more my mind is more able to assign positive
anchors and feelings. So if I'm out daytime sarging constantly, there's a 80%
chance of me feeling in-state and feeling good; but if I'm out at a A-crowd
nightclub which I haven't had much practice with, there's a 20% chance of
feeling in-state and ON. I just pulled those numbers out of my ass, but the
point is that as you get yourself doing the activity more and more the chance
of you feeling in-state during that activity will greatly increase. No one is
always 100% in-state in any activity - not even MPUAs.

Sarging has greatly increased my knowledge of state control. I'm constantly
experimenting with my own mind, breaking down limiting beliefs, and adding new
procedural abilities. This shit is really frustrating, but I realize that it's
because I'm at the beginning of my learning curve - the part with the steepest
slope. And because of that, I've got a lot to learn and a lot of obstacles to
surpass. Nevertheless, fuck it, I'm gonna eventually take care of this part of
my life.

On a final note, all this may not apply to every rAFC but it certainly does to
me. Stuff that I've realized about myself:

(1) I'll fuck up if I forgoe practicing a specific technique/variation for 3

(2) Every level/step in my progression to be a PUA is frustrating as fuck, but
at the same token I feel myself becomming less AFC. It really is a

(3) Everytime I fuck up or have an extreme negative state, I use that energy to
motivate me, fire me up, and discipline myself more strictly. It's like I'll
come back from trying to sarge for a couple of hours but for some reason I
won't feel in-state and I'll be really fucking pissed and yeah for a while I'll
be really angry at myself but later on I use that energy as fuel for my drive
to learning seduction. Fuckups and bad state only provide more motivation for
that deep feeling in my heart.

[It's all a numbers game, BUT NUMBERS DON'T MEAN SHIT]

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