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Mel‘s Diner Extraction Logistics

mASF post by Merchant

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Mel‘s Diner Extraction Logistics
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mASF post by "Merchant"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, October 10, 2004

On 10/26/04 10:35:00 PM, san***[email protected]***.com[ ? ] wrote:
>Hey..why you are at it...doesn't it make
>equally good sense to ask what kind
>of advantage it is to live at a place
>like Project Hollywood, right near the
>hottest clubs...a swinging pad with a
>hot tub, great view, etc. What kind of
>advantage is it to have VIP access to
>all the hottest clubs, giving you
>social proof? Do you think these guys
>would do as well in rural Iowa?

Well, yeah. I imagine they would.

The comment about the mansion wasn't intended to be any sort of subtle
disrespect to those guys, but I guess it came across that way. I simply wanted
people to consider the scenario I set out minus that particular variable, like
Formhandle did.

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