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Review: RSD Bootcamp (LA - Sept 2004)

mASF post by Big Mack

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Review: RSD Bootcamp (LA - Sept 2004)
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mASF post by "Big Mack"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, October 10, 2004

Some things I forgot to add:

- I realize that I didn't include any cons or things that the RSD crew can work
on. That's not to say that everyone will find the bootcamp to be a perfect
program, it only means that when I was there I took advantage of it to my
utmost ability - and therefore I couldn't find anything negative to comment on
Regardless of whether the instructors are in fact great teachers or not, I made
sure that I squeezed every ounce of knowledge/advice out of them during my stay
at Project Hollywood. This is the big advantage that the bootcamp has over
workshops. You're actually living with these guys for 72 hours straight. In
comparison to the other two students that were there, I definitely got more out
of the program than them because I was so much more of an active student than
they were.

- Again, I want to stress that I realize that my review and my description of
myself comes off arrogant and self-centered - I'm really not like that in real
life. But in order to understand the premise of my critique of RSD game you'd
have to understand where I'm comming from and the kind of guy I am. As for my
personal description, those of you that know me personally, including the RSD
guys, could attest to my social intelligence and strong identity.

Rather than looking at my "coolness" and extroverted personality as something
that's "ME", look at it as just another skillset that I learned a long time ago
and something that I have been fortunate enough to internalize over a long
period of time.

- Lastly, no workshop/bootcamp will guarantee extraordinary results to
everybody. Skillsets cannot be bought. So it boils down to the final question -
is the RSD bootcamp worth its $1500? Definitely; but it depends on what you
make out of it. Yes, you can learn most of what's taught in the bootcamp by
reading all of TD's posts. But just watching these guys in action and living
with them 3-days straight is priceless. I don't think my game would've changed
any more had I taken the bootcamp at a more advanced level. If anything, it's
helping me now more b/c the picture of TD PUing that Hawaiian Tropics model off
the Party of Five AMOG stuck to me, and always will in the days to come. I
realize what's possible, and my logical mind is no longer resisting change b/c
of it. Rather it's excited and eager to get better. I am convinced that this
shit is real, and I'm determined to get my game up to the point where I could
pull stuff like that as well.

I couldn't give a rat's ass about the politics between different schools of
thought here on mASF. Even if you are against RSD, its methods, and my argument
supporting it, at least take this away from my review: True alphaness comes
from being self-reliant and taking charge of your own future. Stop blaming shit
on other programs and seduction gurus. All the greats - RJ, Mystery, TD, Style,
Juggler, and I'm sure even Badboy and Shark - developed tight game on their
OWN. Wanna get their results? Start being your own person.

[It's all a numbers game, BUT NUMBERS DON'T MEAN SHIT]

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