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Detailed Notes: jlaix speaks at rsd hollywood

mASF post by rp_5150

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Detailed Notes: jlaix speaks at rsd hollywood
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mASF post by "rp_5150"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, October 10, 2004

these are my detailed notes from the TALK last month.
this is a crosspost from play list.

my review of the talk is here.

i'm planning on going to the next TALK so hope to
type up similar notes because i personally find it

i am not affilliated with rsd.
trolls will be ignored.

any questions about typos just post here.

-- robert1

From: "Robert" <rp_***0@ya***.com[ ? ]>
Date: Mon Sep 27, 2004 3:55 pm
Subject: meeting recap Re: PLAY MEETING: (Jlaix Special!!!)

Hey. This is robert and this is my summary of the meeting at the RSD
house from the meeting. It was interesting meeting the
people behind the names. Speaking of which robert is my middle
name so if you call my cell ask for robert. email to
rp_***0@ya***.com[ ? ]...

In these notes I have some editorial comments which if you don't
like then just skip them. This stuff is from memory & my notes,
everything in quotes is actual quote, otherwise it's my paraphrase.

Sometimes online it seems ego's are out of control, that's just
online, it's not real. Everyone I talked to there is a chill,
normal guy. Everyone up-beat about improving themselves. A few
guys recently completed boot camps, etc. professional guys, college
guys, etc.

Hey by the way someone's a good reader at the RSD house,
judging by the bookshelf.

Was anyone there from cal tech? Just curious.


Mystery model:

Revision to mystery model. Currently his model is: attract,
rapport, seduce. Because girls don't care about attraction really,
i.e. they are drawn to personality, ie. to guys who have
demonstrated they are interesting (regardless of looks etc), his new
model is interest, rapport, seduce. The change focuses on the guy's
first intent: to heighten the interest she feels which then
naturally makes her attracted.

His theory is: suppose you lead her into a short discussion about
some area of your expertise. ("Did you know that...."). This one
thing will make her think "that is interesting." But if you lead
her into a discussion about several different things, then she
changes thinking, into "this guy is interesting."

His 1st example was: "isnt it interesting that, if you say
something interesting, people will naturally follow, etc etc, isn't
that interesting?"

His 2nd example was: "so how many 9's are in 100?" "Isnt it
interesting how there's blah blah."

His 3rd example was: "(something about repeating numbers in pi)"

[robert note: this sent me into flashbacks of hanging out in the
math department student lounge in college. obviously use your own
material. Though, the above two worked for math nerds, yup, they
did, they used these same stories to break into rapport, I'm not
living in a re-run, am I?]

[robert note: More importantly, once mystery started talking,
everyone mysteriously (pun) became quiet. Content vs. delivery.
Ok, you knew that already. Go watch how an extrovert performs
during a conversation and mirror the good parts of that. Did you
know that jello was originally invented to be a packing material and
only later became 'watch it wiggle'.. Ok nevermind.]

Misc stuff:
Mystery demo'ed a leaning body language thing, "makes it seem like
she is leaning into you, its an illusion".

Approach will always hurt until warm up. "Every day it resets
itself. It will always be an effort." Some brain-theory on why
this happens. But, don't rely on having warm ups. When you see
that one girl you want, there may be no time for warmup.

[robert note: how does this contrast to "stage fright" which all
performers say they still get, even after many years in biz, and
how it dissolves after the first few warm-up minutes of the act?]

mystery model ebook out "soon"

tyler ebook out "soon" (4 weeks, "better make it six")

No price mentioned, how much?


this talk was really entertaining so thanks.
Also thanks for posting so many messages over the years because your
archive is hilarious.

On his history:

Jeffy is couple years into asf game. painful at first. kept at it
to see patterns emerge, get better, this getting better becaomes a
"self-perpetuating cycle" of improvement. First thousand approaches
don't count [robert note: can I start that count from the first
girl in kindergarten then?].

After that many approaches the outcome doesn't count, "actually
caring about the outcome fucks you up."

[robert note: it would be interesting to compare jlaix today vs.
jlaix two years ago, to see how his character has changed after
being able to fuck women at will and having threesomes regularly
now. I'd say that adds a little bit to the self confidence.]

jlaix has had 6 threesomes in the past few months.

"i'm not in it to create a deep connection I want to fuck as many
women as possible"

he's as pale as a zombie and, well, read his archive.. he talks
like he types.

On his lifestyle:

Seems cheesy to be a pickup artistbut necessary to get the
lifestyle where there's a constant amount of girls.

[robert note: glad to hear there's a sense this is cheesy, "damn, I
really have to say that?", i.e. glad there's no vibe like a slick
car salesman type who believes his own smarmy-ness.]

"It's just what I do, it just happens to generate pussy for me."

"I'm a control freak" -- goes to El Rio _every_ Monday, even when
sick or holidays. Since he's such a regular, he's well proofed.

Important not to stagnate--challenge yourself with different

"With congruency, you can get away w/ anything."

Story about calling girl up after not talking for 8 months, only on
rapport basis with her, getting her new address on a short phone
call, going/demanding he's going to her place, climbing into her bed
sans clothes, getting LMR, and saying, "inconsequential. we're
fucking.". Cut off objections & repeat for 15 mins, she gives in,
and says "Ok!"

On rejection:

"Shake it off". It physically hurts. Expose yourself to these

You build resistance to the pain. Some stuff about how hurting the
ego through rejection is embodied by real, physical pain (i.e. like
a sock to the stomach).

TD hits the hardest sets first, ten steroid guys around one girl.
Takes all the hits, keeps going. Girls melt from this persistance.

Do the hardest thing possible, just to get used to it. Do th emost
difficult set first, "just do it."

Use material--creates the smooth flow, don't have to think. Carry
around a list of material.

[robert note: check jlaix archives for his cheat sheet, it's
interesting. Also try sending SMS to yourself so a mini-list is in
your cell phone's email.]

Don't try to exhaust the material--know when to stop the material &
move on.

"These girls have a reasonable expectation that you will take thinks
to the next level -- don't deny them that."

[robert note: I hereby apologize to all those girls who were waiting
for me to take them to the next level over the years. Sorry

Recognize when to stop the material, "when it's time, pull the

i.e. know when to shut up and lead her to the bedroom.


To minimize, run solid game. Lots of LMR is her internal stuff,
can't get around that, just go through it. Have your house made for
women. Very clean.

Pace & lead: "we shouldn't be doing this--but it feels good,
doesn't it."

Or, rinse & repeat: Women know what they are there for. Sexy song
is playing, lights are dimmed. "Pull the trigger."

Use key words: "Repressed", "hangups" -- show them that they are
the ones being wierd. I know some girls have hangups, it's too bad
they can't see the opportunities ahead of them (self point).

Freeze outs: just do something different -- do not be mad -- "no,
it's cool" while doing something non-sexual. They will want it

Teddy bear backturn: relate story about teddy bear. This is my
teddy bear who likes girls, blah blah. [robert note: The teddy bear
is a metaphor for you.] Then during bad LMR, "Oh, teddy doesn't
like you anymore" and physically turn the teddybear.

[robert note: Half you guys are laughing while realizing this will
work, half you guys are saying, "what the Fuck?".]

Run the "100% perfect girl story": (check google) - story of an
average boy [You] and an average girl [Her] in different places and
they meet and are happy forever. [robert note: likely try any
oneitis-type emotionally moving rapport story here, if don't want to
use this story verbatim.]

Evil push/pull: "You are fake, I thought you were cool, get the fuck
out of my house, now." She gets to door, you start sobbing. Repeat
3 times. This is evil. Her brother wants to kill me to this day,
but whatever.

On pick up:

don't take this too seriously--it is still a game.
Enjoy yourself.
Have a good time.
People will treat you the way you expect to be treated.

On chessclub:

Find a female wing & build her up.

[robert note: Too bad she wasn't present to give her take.]


On realizing 'the matrix' and how women fall for this 'stuff':
("you sung journey, I HAD to fuck you.")

When you have good game you have respect for the target.
When you have cats and they tear up your furniture and piss on
your coat, you can't get angry at the cats.

Women are like cats. Accept it.

Point brought up about work being meaningless once getting good at
game. how far you can push it (due to having strong frame). "I
don't really care."

[robert note: as a workaholic I naturally swing to the opposite end
of work/life balance, work was #1 in my life, sometimes still is.
after finding something more satisfying than work, i.e. getting good
connections with women, I've started to care less about work and the
office stress/flare-ups that happen don't bother me as much. This
is healthy, for me at least, because work was my main satisfaction
in life. Better work/life balance.]

On routines:

What makes a good routine?
Teaching them something about themselves.
spiritual stuff.

you portray: a good conversationalist, smart, humor, intelligence,


head to mel's for lunch.
Micheal talks to purple hair waitress outside. She asks, "are you
with those guys, they have that house on the hill?"

Ok, apparently somebody's worked up a reputation.

-- robert1

--- "Nick" <papa@r...> wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> Yes, it is finalized and reconfirmed. Jlaix will be at the Project
> Hollywood Mansion for a free presentation at the PLAY List Meeting.
> The Meeting will start at 12pm noon. Feel free to bring lunch or
> have lunch with the members afterwards. Project Hollywood is located
> at 1317 Londonderry Place above Sunset Plaza (where you should park).
> Cheers,
> Nick (Papa)

"" "Then look here you bastard!, I'm spreading my legs so you can see how good
i can make you feel!... Because i've got to be good enough for you... DO ME!.
DO ME NOW!...." "" (Jimbo)

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