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TD‘s “Depression and Inner Game” Post.....

mASF post by Jimbo

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TD‘s “Depression and Inner Game»” Post.....
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mASF post by "Jimbo"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, October 10, 2004

Hey Tyler,
i can't refrain myself from participating in this discussion i'm afraid...

>Ross, I'm going to answer you
>very seriously here, and
>no diss intended.

Your intentions as you state them here are just great. Unfortunately, you
haven't taken that seriously his questions, as you haven't addressed any of
them. Just as a reminder, Ross asked:


"..what did you mean when you said you exaggerate your positive qualities in
your mind? And that you could convince yourself something is true even when it
isn't? And isn't it reasonable to suggest that if you indulge in this pattern
of thinking, it might effect the reliability of that you report, IN THIS


They are legitimate questions, and they are related with what you said was one
of your goals.

>The reason
>that people don't answer
>you anymore is because you
>have gotten to the point
>where you're one of those guys
>who everyone knows
>not to answer. Like, if I
>answer you, I'll be hearing
>saying, "Dude, why are you
>even answering him? Just
>ignore him." You're one of
>those guys.

No. He is not one of those guys. Many guys here, and consider me one of them,
respect his work on SS very much, and also appreciate his contribution here in
mASF. Have you read his last comments on depression in this thread?. Pure gold.

So more in the contrary of what you have just written, hear me saying : "Dude,
why are you NOT even answering him? Just DO NOT ignore HIS QUESTIONS."

>Because you
>don't listen,

He has just demonstrate the opposite in this thread, when he listened what guys
said on depression then bringing back some great advice.

>you only want an
>answer so you can pick it
>apart for whatever hastily
>written technicality errors
>you can find, and you're too
>stubborn to see that there
>could be any other way than
>your own. It is a complete
>waste of time to even address

No. It is not. It only requires the due respect we all deserve in a
conversation and addressing the question as good as you can. Anyone using
others answers in a demagogue way, or bringing those answers out of context in
order to deform the real meaning of the used words will be called on his
bullshit asap from many guys here. At least from me.

>You know my
>game, and you know that I run
>programs every
>weekend and that my skillset
>and results are public
>record as a result of that (I
>spend 3 days out of 7 with
>the public).

Is is an example of you exaggerating your skills to yourself so at least in
your mind you can believe you are that person you'd like to be?. Put "Casanova"
instead of Churchill in what you said was your goals and you'll understand
where i'm coming from. This is precisely what makes Ross questions appropriate
now. You had another chance to answer him. You didn't.

Just a pity, because i honestly believe you are a great PUA and you have a lot
to share here, but unfortunately it is precisely the kind of attitude you have
in this forum (and in your workshops as i read from reviews of them) what is
limiting you potential to be really influential "ala" Churchill.

Arrogance and not addressing properly legitimate questions are not the way,

>Any goals that I
>have as a result from my
>interest in social science are
>my own, and whether or
>not you approve of them or not
>isn't really my concern

Well, if you are sharing those goal in a public forum, it's logical you expect
some feedback from others.

But it is not about your concern regarding mASF members opinions on the things
you write here. That's you business of course. It is about mASF members
concerns regarding the things you write here.

It is my concern, because i decide so, to debate about any topic here i find
interesting. It is Ross concern, when he decides so, to debate about any topic
he finds interesting here. It is your concern, when you decide so, to debate on
any topic you might find interesting here. The question is, once you are
replying again to Ross because you are concerned about what he wrote for
whatever your own reasons, why not answering his question for a change?.

>But thank you for your
>feedback, nonetheless. And
>please, drop by Project
>Hollywood sometime. I would
>love to see you do well for
>yourself, and I have no doubt
>we'd have rapport in real
>life, where things cannot be
>so easily compartmentalized.

That's a fair proposition. No doubt it would make more good than bad to meet
IRL. And yes, people connect and communicates much better when facing one each
other than writing shit on the internet.

But anyway, that's not a reason for not answering legitimate questions here,
because others can take profit of the feedback.

>I think that its a generous
>offer, given that you've been

Naaaaahhhh. Fuck no.

I offer you guys to meet me whenever you come to Madrid. We'll have a good time
together just chilling and talking about whatever we find appealing. And you
guys are difficult visit Madrid as fuck!.

Is my offer generous?. LOL!.

Let's chill man.

> and your "I
>pioneered the scene" card has
>really been overplayed
>at this point. In fact, if
>you like, you can drop by and
>watch. No pressure to do
>anything. I will not run to
>internet and say "He did
>nothing." I have met many
>guys who have done so, and
>never criticize them
>because I want people to feel
>comfortable meeting up
>and hanging out. So drop by.

That's the way bro. I do never set pressure either on mASFers i meet IRL.
Asking for demonstrations on PU skills to someone you've just met sucks

Now, will you please answer his specific questions?. I would appreciate it.



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