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For starters: FOCUS on the next step

mASF post by Rocckkstar

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For starters: FOCUS on the next step
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mASF post by "Rocckkstar"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, September 9, 2004


You have a great drive to learn, you're obviously an intelligent guy, and I
think you're definitely well on your way to a very decent sex/"love"/social

But I gotta say, man, my game almost EXCLUSIVELY is based around first day lays
and I urge you not to back down from escalating when you're out on the prowl
and gaming hotties.

I've argued the value of ONSs, and how I've found that turning them into FBs,
STRs, and LTRs is INCREDIBLY doable. It's all about calibration, as is
everything really.

I brought this up to Mystery at Project Hollywood during his PUA Summit seminar
because he basically teaches guys that it takes X number of hours before
fucking to turn a girl into a potential LTR, which I massively disagree with
(based on dozens and dozens of personal experiences within the past year.)

Anyway Tux, keep up the good work, don't overanalyze too much, and you'll be

.-~ Rocckkstar ~-.

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