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mASF post by Herbal

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mASF post by "Herbal"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2003

On 12/29/03 11:39:00 AM, ITStallion wrote:
>Dudes, you guys got to get
>this shit straight. You got
>guys flying in from other

I didn't think anyone had bought a ticket already. I will e-mail you privately
about this.

>Not only is an
>unofficial move made by Herbal
>and Papa not cool, but a late
>notice move that could cost a
>guy a $1000 ticket is NOT
>Herbal man, you fucked up with
>this one. No excuse. Period.
>It's cool to have it in LA.
>Not cool that you and papa
>hijacked the whole damn thing,
>when the PU Summit is an ASF
>thing in the first place.

I'm hesitant to say anything with regards to what's official, since I haven't
talked to Jay since this drama began. The '04 summit was my idea (obviously
based off Jay's Boston one), and I figured it would be my way to give back
something to the community. Jay and Papa generously agreed to help me out with
it. I didn't hijack anything.

>I have to agree with
>Formhandle here and say that
>this sounds awfully fishy. I'm
>sure it will be a quality
>event in either place...but
>I'd bet every fucking dollar I
>have that this whole thing is
>a decision made in the
>interests of the "PH project"
>and all its people.

It's weird how everyone is always so quick to come up with some conspiracy.
There isn't one. I have NO financial interest in this. We talked about making
it a big deal and charging non-ASF members, but later decided to just have it
ASF only and totally free. I was going to pay for a venue out of my own pocket
in Austin and ask for donations to cover it. The "Project Hollywood People",
are being pretty generous here. We're letting everyone into our home for FREE
SEMINARS held by those people and others.

>And then you decide on
>Christmas Day. Umm, don't you
>think you could have called
>Formhandle right then when you
>guys were discussing it and
>brainstormed with him? God
>knows he crossed your mind
>when you were hashing out the
>details, and you guys were too
>chickenshit to call him, and

You don't understand what's going on here. Chickenshit? Jay's a friend, I'm not
trying to screw him over. I seriously have a ton of shit going on right now
with my move (which I should be packing for since I leave in an hour), and
saying goodbye to my family which I was visiting with in Boston. It's not like
I was blowing up the PUA hotline and leaving out Jay. Papa called me on
Christmas, we talked about it, and I planned on talking to Jay and others about
it and posting an official message when I got back and had some more info (that
post is still coming soon). It was irresponsible to post a comment saying that
it was moved prematurely. True.

>instead do this roundabout way
>of changing the city. And
>don't you think it's a little
>fucked up to change a whole
>fucking summit for the whole
>community and sponsored by
>ASF, all based on yours and
>Papas (and PH) whims??

No, I really don't. My priority is to make this summit as good as it possible
can be. I'll go into more details when I compose the official post about this
that I was waiting to write. Sure I save a plane ticket to Austin... I guess
that's financial interest, but that's not why I'm doing it.

Hopefully within a week I will have the rest of the info I need to make the
post I was waiting to make. There is a lot of good stuff going on with this
event, and I think everyone will be happy.

If you have ALREADY made travel plans that can't easily be changed, get in
touch with me at I will do my best to figure out a solution.

Moderator, The Austin Society

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