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YOU type 1 Outing Report 2, success rate as a stone. re: CL

mASF post by gunwitch

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YOU type 1 Outing Report 2, success rate as a stone. re: CL
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mASF post by "gunwitch"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, September 9, 2003

Overall yeah i suppose it is a stone of sorts, but more so a sort of "confusion
mechanism" for those who dont understand ive done my specifics and worked em
out so well that THATS the reason for my success rate.

Some specifics for example,

Outside club: dont need to get in to this one and the dynamics needed there
that i avoid having to have.

lonewolf: her social conditioning goes out the window 75% vs when with someone,
resistance to persistence goes 90% out the window vs when with someone.

showing skin: as tyler one pointed out like 25% of women at any given time are
on their period, YES, but NOT women showing skin.

hyper attraction to her: motivation to persist where if it was "mild"
attraction id give up sooner and have to make myself work harder to approach,
proven theory/not shard science but i find women i am SUPER, HYPER, MOST
attracted to tend to dig me a TON more than women im mild about.

hovering before approach til i get EC: i do street not club, hence an abrupt
approach shocks them.

Seeing sexual state before isolation attempt: obvious, like saying "ok lets put
this on paper" WHEN you see em really look at that car you are selling with a
twinkle VS before. Easier close, less last minute resistance once persistence
ends and isnt present to influence during the makeout.

All things ive worked out over years to make it easier. Worked em out in the
field. Wasnt luck or some divination upon me (even at an attraction level as im
not tall or good looking facially).

Surely a desired success rate or wanting to be a PUA are stumbling blocks to
success with your sex life as it takes TIME. Simple sports psychology really,
be MASTERY oriented rather than outcome oriented. YOU YES YOU, if you are one
of the guys whove ever made ONE post about any living chick asking how to fuck
her, youve missed the point of all of it.

Form should use that as the site slogan in my book, as its what this entire
deal is all about. Half become mastery oriented, other half are outcome
oriented. HUGE stone internally is introduced to one half at the MOMENT they
decide FS is gonna be a big deal in their life and that they will "get what
they want" with it. HUGE inner game»/belief thats DIRE is introduced to the
other half who think "i am gonna figure this shit out and get good at it".

Signs you might be the first type?

One-itis-posts, being accused of one-itis-posts, asking how to lay a certain
woman, or what to do with a certain woman.

Fixation on success rates, hell i have fostered this by revealing mine to
HUNDREDS of guys whove asked me in the past. Ill point them to this post in the

Fixation on PUA, AFC, rAFC "ranking" and "whos the best", when you yourself
havent gotten your act together in any way.

signs that you are the 2nd type?

you see yourself years from now having your own specifics down just right for
you and your environment and targets with an overall good sex life and the term
"PUA" not even being a 100th of how you define yourself inside. Only thing to
do now is get moving and act.

Signs you are type 3, with no hope and to have a decent sex life, and you may
need to start a search for a Genie?

Probably about 2000 approaches without a single lay using MANY different
specifics and having a solid inner game» including the mastery rather than
outcome oriented goals.

MY point with type 3? They dont exist. Guy aint got the start of success? Type
1s need to get their shit together and start respecting and beginning to truely
learn the craft of this place, vs worrying about how to get what they want
right then with a magic answer. Type 2s need to stop analyzing themselves in to
different ethos and inner beliefs and start using the things they learn if they
arent already, so they can build their specifics up and move on and help

"make the ho say no"

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