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mASF post by jettiger

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mASF post by "jettiger"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, May 5, 2003

Hi Scooby

> I realize that English is not your native tongue.

It shows that you are so clever nazi AFC.
BTW my native language is Chechen language.
How many languages do you know? (If you know any except English)
I know 5 languages and I am 20 y.o.

You are excellent teacher of English. In whole my post you found nothing to
criticize except that I am not English and laugh at this fact. I can
understand your mentality.

>I cannot say with certainty that your techniques are good or bad because a lot
of important >information seems be lost in the translation.

Yes you cannot but you
You should teach children in school how to spell words right, and not comment
on ASF members posts. Learn to criticize tactics not language. That you DO
UNDERSTAND in spite of what you say. It is easier to tell:"I don't understand
it" than to make comments on what couldn't be criticized tactically.

Kooper understood what I written. So why you didn't?

Isn't your native tongue English enough to be able to understand what others
can understand?
lol man you are funny. you have to be teacher not PUA/AFC

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