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BITCH GET OFF ME...........

mASF post by OMEGA

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BITCH GET OFF ME...........
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mASF post by "OMEGA"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, August 8, 2000

i was walking in downtown ottawa(which is the capital of canada)
i was listening to my walkwoman
ne wyas the weirdest thing happened... i was listening to some
rage against the machine..that shiznit really hypes me
its got an anchor on me where i become dangeroous

so yeah i was lisnening to a song called"sleep now in the fire"
and I was yelling the lyrics out i saw some fines duf dam dumers
(aka some nice honeys) i didnt give a fuck a kept singing as i
kep on walking intuition told me to turn around and those
honeys were following me.....?i mean maybe they were going in my
direction but the funny thing is as i kept on singing i heard
them giglng...
i some other huny she was like a seven.9 & shenoticed the girls
behind me .and she smiled

ok my question is
when girls laughs
@ you or they mocking you
i mean
they seemed
interested in a conversation....
i ignored them after while
cuz i felt stupid
but ne wyas
i aint no pua/afc/jobber

so holla at me!!
i make girls laugh to a point were all i am is a joker
but then again if i expand my comedy to a more physical sexual
manifesto then i could be getting laid like porn star traineeeee


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