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Re: Wanted: Complete IDIOT's Guide to Kino

mASF post by Atomic

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Re: Wanted: Complete IDIOT's Guide to Kino
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mASF post by "Atomic"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, June 6, 2000

On Mon, 29 May 2000 17:59:32 +0200, "thx" <go***o@st***[ ? ]> wrote:

>You know what I think? It IS natural for PUAs. Not that I'm a PUA (AFC
>backlash phase actually) but I think that all these techniques we try to
>incorporate, they will just be used naturally once we get enough practice.

My advice: take dancing lessons.
Besides giving you plenty of opportunities to meet chicks and making
you more attractive in a club, you'll get to touch plenty of girls on
a regular basis and it will make kino the most natural thing for you.


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