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Re: Lay Report: Karate babe falls on the mat and loses it all!

mASF post by NoMoreAFC

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Re: Lay Report: Karate babe falls on the mat and loses it all!
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mASF post by "NoMoreAFC"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, May 5, 2000

In article <190***6@us***.com[ ? ]>,
Maniac High <man***M@ya***.com[ ? ].invalid> wrote:
> This is actually true to point and is actually something
> interesting
> I do want to talk about.


> So if a chick is an HB in someplace like the USA, she has ALOT of
> power, as the UG/HB ratio there is like 9.5:0.5. So things that
> work
> elsewhere won't work as well there because the POWER aspect is
> different. In cities like NYC, or LA, it might, because there are
> millions of HBs (among the zillions of UGs), so at least the flow
> is
> better.
> Now, if we move to other places in the world (France, Quebec (but
> less so English Canada), other parts of western Europe and parts
> of
> Asian countries where the fattie factor is far less, the dynamics
> are TOTALLY different.

Very interesting...

> Japan, Paris, NYC, Montreal, LA, Zurich, are LOADED with HBs. The
> ratio in places like that is reversed, and an HB there is an HB
> just like all the others... POWER Factor reduced to the chick...


> So from the standpoint of a chick, it is alot more competitive
> than the extremes like found in the USA..etc.
> Now, would what I do work on white chicks? Yes.. it does, BUT it
> depends where they are. In the USA... it will be harder..would
> depend on alot of things but it WILL be ALOT tougher... I grant
> that.
> On the other hand though, I have learned alot here, and have more
> experience, so I think though I would have a harder time of it, I
> could still PU.
> I know because if you take a white chick from the USA, and place
> her here...
> YOU BET it works! I see it all the time. Because HB white chicks
> I know from the USA or England lose their bitch femenazi
> attitudes
> fucking fast when they get here, because they
> got something they NEVER had back home.... competition..

That would be an interesting sight. :)

> Taro-san just laid an HB white
> chick here just before he left, (and just got another one in
> France recently, which is also pretty competitive (good HB
> ratio)).
> Of the white chicks who are here, they are as easy to get as the
> J-chicks, because they KNOW you have CHOICE, and you will blow
> them
> out if they fuck around with you. Back home in the USA... they
> know
> you have VERY little choice, and will play that for all they
> can..
> Not surprising that femenazi'ism started there considering all
> that
> actually.. It all comes down to supply/demand, and the power
> factors
> all that implies..

It's all about influence.

> And as for UG white chicks..forget
> it, they are on the first plane back home, they cant hack it out
> here... They often come here with their BF, and then he blows her
> out within 3 weeks of showing up once he realized that there is
> choice and he doesnt have to put up with her femenazi bullshit
> and
> blubber anymore and replaces her with a sexy j-chick or leftover
> HB white chick ASAP. And then after that no one, and I mean NO
> ONE,
> pays attention to Ms. UG.. the first time in her life it happens,
> and she is in tears, quits her job and goes home ASAP... Trust
> me,
> I have seen it many times..
> The situation in the USA is really unusual.. I've lived and
> worked all over the world, (I am American BTW) and I cant think
> of really anywhere else in the world that the HB/UG
> ratio is so bad,... and that DOES have an impact on what you
> can/can't
> do, and how much power the chicks will have vis-a-vis a guy..
> as well as what your chances of bagging an HB is..

Maniac, do you think that the 'HB/UG' ratio creates more AFCs in the
U.S. than in Japan? How bad is AFCism in Japan? The girls have
competition amongst themselves - what about the men? Does the lower
'HB/UG' ratio lower the number of AFCs in Japan, or is it like it is in
the U.S.?

Of course, the high American AFC-PUA ratio only hurts the AFC, and helps
the PUA.

The worst situation for a PUA woud be a high 'HB/UG' ratio, and a high
PUA-AFC ratio (lots of female power, and lots of competition). As far as
the latter is concerned, in the U.S., I doubt it will happen. AFCs will
always *far* outnumber PUAs.

> Now that said, when I first got here, I was an AFC.. and even
> here,
> no surprise.. I couldnt pick up.. AFC's cant PU chicks, even
> if the place is teaming with chicks..
> Actually, my personal opinion, is that in some ways, being an
> HB in a place like the USA is also a loss to the chick. Because,
> with no competition around, she is not motivated to feel sexy,
> be passionate, and stay "on the curve".. and loses all the extra
> experiences that would follow.

Maybe this is why women in the U.S. seem to respond so well to special
and unique experiences.

> Ie. if Ms. Kinky was in the USA,
> she would have never had the excitement of that first lay I had
> with her (which she recalls often)... because in the USA, that
> PU just wouldn't have worked... the power factor, the femenazi
> factor..etc.. is too fucked up.. my loss... her loss..
> A couple American chicks wrote me after reading a few of the
> reports on my page and said exactly that.. guys wouldnt act
> like that, but they wanted it,... and it is because they cant..
> the risk/power factor is too imbalanced there, because the UG
> ratio is so high so it is often too risky for a guy there to
> try/get away with something like a few of the things I try here.
> I guess if you are an American reading this,
> and have never left the US, then take a trip abroad (Canada and
> Mexico dont count... though Quebec will do) sometime,
> and your eyes will be awakened to what the rest of the world
> is like... it is very different.. trust me..


> In all fairness to RJ and other's comments,
> this is probably one reason why I resort to other techniques
> besides NLP when PU'ing here, because my language ability is
> just not yet high enough to pull off a sound NLP/SS seduction..

This highlights how far having the right knowledge, the right attitude,
and using the right strategies can go. They transcend language.


> Actually, the timing of this is excellent, because White Knight,
> a reader of this NG who lives in Tokyo has offered to take me
> to a white chick (Aussie, Cdn, American) strip club in Tokyo to
> see how I do. We will be going in a few weeks when his schedule
> clears out, and him/I will make a report on what works/doesn't
> work
> and what I find different, as well as how much success I have,
> and we'll see what we have to change (if anything), to make
> all this work with white chicks.
> Good post!
> Maniac High

Very insightful, Maniac.


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