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Anyone ever ‘catch’ a girl giving DDB?

mASF post by Canes

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Anyone ever ‘catch’ a girl giving DDB?
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mASF post by "Canes"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

On 8/15/05 8:51:00 AM, SmoothGuy69 wrote:

>Something I want to get some
>return feedback on that I
>noticed on Friday. HB
>Rockchick (In FR's).
>would hide it. IE.. She's
>hiding her emotions trying to
>play cool and not show me how
>much she is into me.

This is interesting, because in my experiences with DDB, it's like the girl is
just frozen in a trance. It used to freak me out a little. Since her thought
process is probably something like "OMG this guy is amazing" she's temporarily
stepping out of the situation and into the thought-zone where all she can do is
be all googly-eyed.

Hey Smoothie, I'm interested: what's the quickest you've gone from meeting a
girl to getting the DDB? I've seen it from girls I've just "met."

>It's adoring looks and very
>solid DDB, they can't help it
>can they? ;)

It's not fair to blame them for ME being like omygosh, such an amazing guy!

>This is during rapport. It's
>saying "I can't believe this
>is happening, this guy is so
>hot omg omg". Then snap band
>out when I catch her doing it.
>Funny stuff.

This sounds a little like when a girl has a little time to think about how
awesome you are, and after a quiet moment she just comes out with something
like "I'm so glad you decided to talk to me" or whatever she's thinking. On
the IOI richter scale, it's like a 7 (good). It's like saying "you are sooo
getting laid."

>Why do you think this is

I don't know. Is it unusual that the DDB gets frozen on my girls? Like this
one time I was playing the piano with a girl around and once I started
improvising all my quiet sweet stuff, she got DDB, and I probably could have
waved my hand in front of her face and she STILL would have been in a trance.

>Jesus I mean it's a bit soon
>don't you think!?

This is what I'm thinking, because I could SWEAR I've had girls go DDB within
like 10 seconds.

>It's like saying.. "You are
>the object of all my desires".

*Gives SmoothGuy69 a DDB look*

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