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using double meanings?

mASF post by masta fluid

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using double meanings?
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mASF post by "masta fluid"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

Sexual double meanings are very useful for a variety of reasons.

-They can be used as state indicators.

If you use a double meaning and she reacts one way. That shows you what state
she is operating from. If she reacts in a sexual manner to your double
meanings, you know she its time to push kino farther. This has two purposes it
gets her comfortable with your touch and it rewards her subconsciously for
thinking sexually about you. You of course don't indicate this verbally.

-They can be switched to attraction builder.

When she shows you she is operating from a sexual state you can bust her on
this. This shows you were not in a sexual state and she was. This breaks down
into chick logic to mean she is chasing you sexually. She will find her own
logical reasons for this. Don't try to verbally help her. She can come up with
much better reasons than you ever could.

-They can be used as rapport builders.

When she shows what state she is operating from you can follow into her state
from the same state. Which bridges reality between you two. Contrary to popular
opinion, if she is leading where you want to ultimately go (the bedroom) it is
okay to follow her lead. However, this should be done in a flirty manner
operated from the assumption she is leading you. Reward her for this by
escalating kino.

-You can never be busted.

If she tries to qualify you by busting on you. You turn it around by busting on
her for even thinking about it. Then you can associate it with callback humour.
Which is an effective way of leading her with past real conversation pieces.

Use double meanings when you want to gauge where she is at in the interaction
or if you want her to realize where she is at on a conscious level. They can be
tricky to come up with on the fly. So while I don't usually advocate having
material prepared. Think of a couple so you can be well versed in what types of
conversation branching you can lead her into to use them.


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