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Re: I don‘t have anything in common with any girl

mASF post by Jade

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Re: I don‘t have anything in common with any girl
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mASF post by "Jade"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

> eventually you have to establish at least SOME
> commonalities if you expect to have any kind of
> relationship.

Wrong. You're confusing friendship rapport with seduction rapport. If you just
want to get your ass LJBF:ed, then by all means go for the things you have in
common. But if you want to get laid, show her a strange new world, take her on
tour there, and get her to understand and appreciate it through her own values.
Control her emotions, don't just share them!

Women are leeches - getting them into you is simply the process of letting them
know that you have something they want. If you have everything in common with
them, guess what: you will be totally ordinary and boring to them, they already
have everything you have.

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