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Challenges with Ugs

mASF post by Aura

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Challenges with Ugs
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mASF post by "Aura"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

People in this world use a variety of methods in life to deal with there own
insecurities. Some people read seduction material for years without actually
doing field work to delude themselves into thinking they are good with women,
if they actually went out in the field this might ruin the notion that they are
good with woman so they don’t. The world is littered with examples of people
who won’t do things because they fear that if they do they will come face to
face with some cold hard insecurity. A older person who has insecurities about
there intelligence will be very apprehensive about doing any type of study
because by doing some study it might prove that there insecurity about being
dumb is indeed accurate. The more important the insecurity, the more avoidance
strategies are used. A person who has been overweight since birth may
subcouniously prevent themselves from losing weight because if they loose
weight it might smash there reality that ‘if I was skinny, I would be
beautiful’ they are holding on to the fact they are beautiful but by loosing
weight this would be put to fact.

How this applies to UG Theory

Ugly chicks hate players, fat girls I find aren't so bad. I believe ugly woman
look upon sex is supplication more than most girls. You will often here ugly
girl say 'guys are only after one thing', they say this because they want to be
in the choosing frame- 'I don't have sex with interesting guys because there
aren't any, they all are perverted sex maniacs' they subconsciously adopt this
attitude so they don't get rejected- it is an avoidance mechanism. If you rock
up with your A-game, in their head they are going 'go away you pervert' they
hate you with every ounce of the being, they have to otherwise there defence
mechanism wouldn’t function. If she talks to you for a little bit she is
setting herself up for a huge rejection, she will have to answer the question
'I don't have sex with interesting guys because they are scum? Or because I'm
ugly?' a girl doesn't want to ask that question. This is why any form of
attraction kills off ugly chicks because there defensive mechanism is enacted.
A player vibe is the worst of all things to have when wanting to game ugly
chicks, there must be no sexual air otherwise the ‘I hate men’ defensive
mechanism kicks in. Thus to hook up with an ugly chick a twisted formula arises
when attraction comes in only after rapport. With ugly chicks especially, you
have to make her feel like you want her for her mind because she has been
telling herself everyday for her whole life that men are worthless sex

I have heard some people say that players can’t score ugly chicks because
players come in with to high value and the chicks don’t want to be rejected,
thus lower you value and you will be fine- this is kind’ve true but what you
have to get rid of is attraction and a sexual vibe because they are the
defensive mechanism switches and they tie into her nation of hating men.

I guess the main thing in this post that I want stress the most is that ugly
woman hate men, a generalisation but true. They think men are the sex crazed
scum of the earth and that minute you are sexual around these ugly girls this
inacts there ‘I don’t want to get rejected, this guy is a pervert switch’.

Why post about ugly chicks??? Simple, they are the biggest challenge.

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