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Follow Up: Bishop‘s Phone Call Encounter (long)

mASF post by New-Alpha

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Follow Up: Bishop‘s Phone Call Encounter (long)
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mASF post by "New-Alpha"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/11/05 9:15:00 PM, ZeroBox wrote:
>This report was so good it was

Hmm, so what would you need to do, YOU personally, to pull the energy of that
"intimidation" and place it into your feelings of "motivation" and/or
Don't answer my question here. Instead, answer it to YOURSELF, as we all have
slight differences in how we process and apply things within ourselves.

>1.Can the Accelerator be used
>to create sexual hotspots on
>women body parts like her
>hands etc?

You're trying to apply it to "body anchoring." You won't need to do that kind
of "anchor" on any of her body parts. When done correctly, just SEEING you, or
even THINKING ABOUT you, is going to cause a more powerful result than
"anchoring" will have done.
Sure, you can PLACE anchors on her as you use "The Accelerator" but I think
that's for newbies.
Mainly because I view having to "body anchor" as being a beginner's "crutch."
I'll anchor symbols and things she and I saw during our time together, but BODY
anchoring, in MY opinion, is for those who still doubt that the experience you
had with her, was not powerful enough to be unforgettable. I don't have
unforgettable encounters with women, so I don't need to "body anchor" it for
PLUS, the way I do it, she is technically already anchoring HERSELF.
"Body anchoring" requires you to be present, or else it doesn't work. MY way of
doing it, eliminates you from having to be even in the same COUNTRY for the
affects to take place.
I have abandoned "body anchoring" in favor of something FAR more powerful,
which I call "detached presence." (If you have my book "The Fire of Seduction"
I devote an entire chapter on "detached presence", and I point out examples of
it elsewhere in the book, like how to use it in a text message)
So, to sum it up, sure you can use body anchors for now, just advance yourself
at some point to where your "detached presence" does the job just fine.

>Does it ever create ASD?

Hmm, if I had a clue what ASD was, I could answer that. Please enlighten me.

>Are there ever times when a hb
>holds back her emotions with
>this and let on that she is
>feeling great?

Absolutely! On the surface, it might seem like she's just trying to be
cooperative, or that she's just trying to give you a good impression of her.
But internally, for HER, what you're asking her to do/feel is not flowing on
the same level as the level of rapport you've established with her.
So she's not going to "release" herself to actually feeling the emotions.

Imagine she is a crystal drinking glass. If you pour in some near freezing ice
water, the glass will crack, and possibly shatter.
Because it wasn't in equal "flow" (temperature-wise), with the liquid.
Now imagine she is still that same crystal glass, but this time you pour in hot
coffee. The same thing will happen; it'll crack and possible even shatter.
However, if you start off with a lukewarm liquid, which is the ideal
temperature to sustain in a crystal glass, then you can gradually increase or
decrease the temperature of that liquid to icy or hot temperatures, and the
"flow" of the glass and the liquid will remain on the same level. Thus, it will
not crack nor shatter from the temperature.

So you need to practice noticing where that "flow" is with her, so you can
guide it, and get her to a place, mentally and emotionally, where she doesn't
feel the need to "hold back" while pretending to feel it.

>2. That monologue in the
>middle was great., about men
>and women and there
>differences. I was wondering,
>once I did a cold reading with
>a women and she started to
>tear up, is there a certain
>direction to take this since
>it is a strong response?

Dude, if you're relating to this woman AT ALL, you'll FEEL the right direction
to take it. When a woman I've just recently met starts to cry, from something
I've shared or said, I do 2 things:

1)I value that she was connected with me enough to express that vulnerability.


2) I don't take advantage of that vulnerability.

I hope you're not looking at it as "Ooh, she's crying. What would work best on
her right now?"
That's the WRONG way to look at it.
Depending on the situation (like if she's just an emotional wreck to begin
with, or did I touch something within her) I'll keep my voice slower and
softened until I notice that she's passed through the emotions that caused her
to tear up. And as I start to notice the emotion passing, I match it with my
voice becoming less and less slow and soft in tone.
Because I'm making it okay for her to express herself to me emotionally,
without trying to comfort her. And without punishing her for tearing up (which
can result her shutting down/putting walls back up).
See, most guys will try and comfort her. I'll just let her cry as if it was a
completely normal reaction, which is why my voice will remain in "flow" and in
synch with what's going on in the moment. Which will often result in opening
the door for her to express herself in other emotional ways (Like the more fun
ones, like arousal)

Great questions! Thanx for asking them!


"Unleash What She's Been Waiting For"

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