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Field Report: HB8.5swede - validation dlux, lessons learned

mASF post by incognito

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Field Report: HB8.5swede - validation dlux, lessons learned
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mASF post by "incognito"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

This ran awesome until the end!

This kind of thing sucks, if you see her again you are a source of good
emotions and you will have an opportunity but she will not help you structure
an opportunity. This is a depressing part of pickup when you know they are in
love with you but ASD is fucking things up.

Bridging under time pressure is very tricky, if you had exchanged numbers
earlier or held her back to give you her number (applying social pressure by
talking to the bus driver at the same time to keep him there). Try something
like explaining to the bus driver that you guys just had a great night together
and you need a minute to get her number. This kind of thing will make the bus
driver look like a dickhead if he refuses. This is awesome ISP for you. Even
announce out to everybody in the bus that she is your new girlfriend and you
guys have to figure out a way to meet up again. Then apologise to everybody and
you can even spotlight her with "Don't we look great together?" and pose. And
after you have massively social proofed yourself say "On second thoughts don't
catch this bus" and take her off the bus. Stop her from objecting by
apologising to everybody again as you leave. Didn't a wise man once say "Venue
change on a buying temperature spike." This deer in headlights stuff is an
awesome use of social pressure. Especially if you congruently act like you
don't give a fuck if she comes or not, like you don't even believe she will
refuse this. Authorative like.

Work in the morning, whatever, she will go to work with no sleep if you play it
right. I would have gone for the lay in this situation and made the ho say
"no", not "here's my bus".

The thing I see in this FR is that although you have higher social value than
her and her friend you have not done anything to display that you are somewhat
alpha in general as opposed to just a give girls happy emotions player. ISP
from picking her up is kind of cool but it would have been better if she had
seen you interact with other people, especially guys. You are just hanging out
with her for her company only and that is validating her very strongly,
especially as you aren't doing much fun stuff and socialising in general. Like
you could be hanging out with a bunch of outgoing fun people and she is just
sitting there kissing you and asking you rapport seeking questions. Kind of

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