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In need of SERIOUS analyzation here (LONG)

mASF post by rdot

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In need of SERIOUS analyzation here (LONG)
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mASF post by "rdot"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

Okay I'm going to give as much detail as I can so that those who read this can
have a good background to my situation. It's long and it's not crappy info, so
read it all :)

FOR THE RECORD: I do not agree with hooking up with girls at work cus I'm
against doing that, but I'm quitting soon and so I'm considering making my move

The Evidence:

1) I'm a bartender at a restaurant, about 3 months ago hb8 started working
here. She's really hot. I wasn't phased though. Totally laid back, indifferent
body language and all. Dropped some witty remarks to her now and then.

About two months ago, she comes to the back with me to eat. She grabs a fry
from my plate and this starts:

Me: who said you can do that
Her: no one, but you're so nice
Me: really? do I LOOK like a gentleman?
Her: noo, that's why I had to steal it :)
Me: uh huh, what else are you gonna take from me
Her: *smiles* haha, I like you, you're funny

2) yadda yadda, time passes. I got sick so I didn't go to work a lot. Next time
I go back I see her there. One of the customers needed a pen to borrow so I get
hers. Later on in the day she asks for the pen back and I obviously pretend
that the customer stole it. She puts on a pout and goes:

Her: that was my favourite penn I need it back noww
Me: haha bullshit, stop lying to me woman

*she walks off pouting to the exit, stops, turns to look at me with bigg puppy
dog eyes*

Me: haha, dont give me that face
Her: *smiles* haha shut up, okay how about this, I'll give you this pen I got,
it's REALLY pretty too.
Me: hmm, sure, give it
Her: noo, ill throw it to you and you throw yours to me
Me: uh huh, do i look stupid, come here, give me your hand

*i take her left hand with my left hand*

Me: okay, we drop the pen and grab the other with our free hand
Her: okay

*we do it* and I still have it and we both use it as callback humour

3) yadda yadda yadda days pass (I only see this girl once, maybe twice a week).

I start incoroporating High Fives with her. I'm really good at using the High
Fives at the right time and she loves it everytime I do it.

Other times when I'm in the bar, she'd stand to the right of me, and just look
at me. I look back at her and this happens:

Her: get the fuck out of my way rdot (in this really sort of
sexy/fiesty/passionate voice)
Me: you get the fuck out of my way biatch
Her: noo you're sposed to

** she moves anyway **

Or she just pushes her body up against mine to get something that she can
clearly walk around me and get.

4) If both of us are walking towards the same place, she'd walk just a little
faster to get in front of me, then STOP so she blocks me and makes a little
grin. Then I take my hands on her shoulders and guide her in front of me saying
something like, "geez woman, you're slowing down business, move your ass' and
she just plays along.

5) Some time later, I was being playful with another girl that works there, and
hb8 comes up from behind me and goes to the girl, "he's my bitch" and I say,
'yeah and she's my ho' and she goes, 'yeah, I'm his ho'

Ever since then we call each other bitch and ho. And I ask her for my rent and
stuff, it's fun. (More callback humour)

6) She ALWAYS looks at me with these fuck me eyes and talks to me in the most
seductive tone of voice. Of course I'm STILL totally indifferent, just dropping
witty remarks, kino sometimes with her, not being needy or anything at all. My
voice tone, EC, intonation, BL is solid.

7) She always wants me to come eat with her. Always comes to me in between her
tables when I'm eating (I don't ask her to at all). By now we just take food
off each others plates. I still bust her for it sometimes.

8)THEN this past week, we're talking about weird eating habits of people, and
in the most matter of fact way, she says, "yeah my boyfriend is just like
that...'. I totally ignored that remark and continued on unphased.

9) Before and after #8, she always makes an excuse to go behind the bar when
I'm the only one allowed there, whether to pour some draft beer (which she
sucks at, and I bust on her righteously) or pour a drink, etc.

10) After #8, on the same day, she comes to me and asks me to make her a drink
and she says she wants to share it with me. I say I wont make it for her, but
I'll teach her how to make it. It's sort of like a milkshake, and you use this
chocolate syrup on top to write the letter M. But she says, "no no, draw a

We don't really have deep rapport. I think today was the first time we exhanged
stories about each other, and talked about philosophies. But I'm kinda confused
here. After all these IOI's (and a lot more that I just can't remember), she
indicates that she has a bf in the same way someone says, 'yeah my car is

So...where do I stand here? What's goin on?

If you read up to here, thanks a lot, and I hope to get some great insight.

If experience is the greatest teacher, and fear is the greatest motivator, then
experiencing fear is the greatest lesson

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