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Jealous situation with girlfriend

mASF post by donjuanwater

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Jealous situation with girlfriend
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mASF post by "donjuanwater"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005


I have been dating this girl for 2.5 months. She is "rubinesque" (fat), and I
work out 7 days a week and could compete in body building competitions....but
please lets not go there about how I should next her because of the question of
"why I am seeing her"....

There is a Singles Social Event in my city that we are both a part of (that is
where we met), coming up this Friday. So on Monday (this past monday), she
calls me (she never calls me, I usually call her during the week), and she says
"What happening?". I'm like "Nothing much" the end of the conversation
she says "Oh yeah, I am going out for drinks with my friends this friday"
(usually Friday's and Saturdays we do the dating thing).

I'm like "Where are you going to? The Blue Lounge?"

Her: "How did you know?"

Me: "Ummm Duh...that is the Singles party at The Blue Lounge"

note: She gave me shit about going to this type of event last month

Me: "WTF??? You didn't want me going to the event last month?"

Her: "Yeah, but I am only going because my friend Eileen asked me to go with

Me: "Yeah, but this is a Singles Event"

Her: "You said it yourself, you joined this group because you wanted to hook
up...I am only going because my friend asked me to go, plus you cancelled your
plans with me to go skiing with your friends a couple of weeks ago ON A
THURSDAY when we had plans for that weekend (note: I went to the ski thing, but
left Saturday fuckin' morning because we negotiated that I stay with her Friday
. Also you just showed me photos of you and some good looking young friends of
yours that were your ex girl friends (note: this is true, I showed her my Cyber
Shot Camera photos because she was pissing me off)"

Me: "I am just suprised that you would do this"

She invited me to go, but she warned me that I had better "be with her" rather
then sarge the whole fuckin' room (he he. i.e. she knows I am a graduate of
Mystery's Seminar and a fearless Real Social Dynamics graduate as well...

She calls that situation "juvenile" (ie immature)

My mind was racing like fuckin' crazy of what to say, so I blurt out "My friend
John is going to be there, and I might go just to hang with him..."

Ok, I just had a thought. I CAN GAURANTEE that I can go to a happy hour before
this thing (the singles party starts at 6pm), and pick up a couple of HB10s!!!!
at another bar, and walk in with them.


Now, here is where I need your help...I need to walk in there with 2 or 3 HB10s
(I hope that is understood), now the advice I need from you guys is:

What excuse can I come up with to tell my 2.5 month girlfriend for the reason
why I am going to walk in with 3 hb10s????

I am thinking of telling her that my friend John, is not happy with the girls
at these parties, and that I should call her telling that I have two girls for

Question two: Should this shit test of hers be "Gamed" back at her by showing
up arrogantly with these 3 hotties?

Does she deserve to be shit on in this way for being so dis-respectful of me.
(note: there will be guys at this Singles party, all beta's)

Or should I just show up and keep my mouth shut, and just sit by her.

She also gave me the option of meeting her after the party for drink.

What could be a good excuse to buffer my arrival with 3 HBs, something that
would give me social proof to my girl to DHV to my girl, and also to throw this
move she made back in her face, if you think she deserves it.(that by the way
will blow out all other girls because this Singles group is nothing but ugly
people. I swear, I am not being arrogant, it is the truth, there are some HBs,
but very few)

As sure as the sun rises tomorrow, in my city, my game is so tight, that I can
GUARANTEE that I can find a couple of young HBs from another bar, that are 15
years younger then my girlfriend and the rest of this middle aged singles party


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