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When she turn‘s her head away for a kiss

mASF post by Geoff

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When she turn‘s her head away for a kiss
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mASF post by "Geoff"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2004

Hey Bro,

Thanks for asking the question. I like the fact that you're getting to the
point where you're pushing sets and getting extractions. I also like the fact
that you pushed for a kiss, which suprisingly (or not suprisingly) most guys
are very afraid to do.

YOU WROTE: I was kinoing her the whole time by rubbing her back and smelling

I would have laid back and held her hand rather than push the kino. I would
have also phase-shifted for the kiss a little sooner. I like to get the kiss
done ASAP, but one thing that I make sure to do is just do comfort kisses not
sexual kisses. If I just do comfort kisses, then it build trust that I'm not
some 200 lb. stalker who got lucky that a chic finally liked him.

Keep up the good work, yo.


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