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SS is it phony?

mASF post by Intime

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SS is it phony?
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mASF post by "Intime"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, December 12, 2004

During the DYD mastery Seminar Rick H, Swinggcat, Playboy La, Orion none of
them spoke about SS. Then again, none of them speak about NLP languaging

They spoke more about known DYD stuff like frames, C&F,Push/Pull etc( Which
doesn't work, they just use it cause they think that is what is getting them
laid, but its actually the magic power installed in them during an earlier SS
seminar, or it might just be sexual state and good looks combined. And also
almost everything was invented by RJ so you must go buy his stuff.

The question is...what do you want to learn??

I mean some pple know most of it (Swinggcat etc). When they choose to use a
particular method, some people still say NOOO i would reccomend this instead
because i'm smart.

Buy SS because i like Ross Jeffries and don't get DYD's new Mastery Videos even
though some great PUA's are on there because so what if many people thinks its
great? It's expensive and you won't learn much. ALl you need is 10 pages of
basic theory from the GURUS that i like (of course)then go out in the field and
practice and after a while and you'll be as good as the best even though you
have no brains.

Yup don't buy DYD stuff cause David D and guest speakers were originally from
SS,(then again, thats all there used to be) and they are TRAITORS, and
obviously the material sucks cause once you leave the SS clan, you become lousy
at PU and even if you can PU, you can't teach because you need to have special
recognition from certain people before your teaching is useful to the general

Oh yah, don't post about your great ability in clubs and charge people for your
programs and make them PU in clubs(even though its great training ground) since
there are so many other places to PU chicks. Actually just don't teach Club PU
because i don't like it. And making yourself seem so good just makes me look

Even though everything i say doesn't make sense doesn't really matter because
it makes sense to me. And if it makes sense to me. I must be right.

Oh yah Push/Pull doesn't work but i use it all the time because i'm mad and it
gets a good reaction from girls.

I do think SS can work and i like NLP languaging, so its not crap but that
doesnt mean nothing else is better or easier to learn.

Most of the stuff that will take you from beginner to master ( besdies feedback
and experience) is free on the archives or somewhere else on the internet
anyway. So if you don't wana pay, there's still lots of great stuff.

But honestly, don't you just like people? It would suck if everyone in the
world had an IQ of over 150. Most of the bullshit would disappear and there
would be no more fun.

On 12/13/04 8:08:00 PM, Gunwitch wrote:
>On 12/12/04 12:07:00 PM, LuckyLuciano
>>yeah I was going to comment on that.
>>Close to half of the featured speakers
>>on the last dyd seminar were originally
>>apart of the ss camp (including dyd
>>Rick H, Orion, MajorMark, Swingcatt
>>Playboy La (who I think had some
>>exposure to Mark Cunnigham material)
>It is worth pointing out here also that
>these people who are now with DYD have
>not "defected" on method basis but more
>went where the money is good.
>When being totally unbiased and
>recommending something other than my own
>Dynamic sex life» material I have to
>recommend in this order:
>My free GWM mini course or page, hey
>it's fuckin free and short and produced
>PUAs like TD, there is NO reason not to
>read it.
> Then:
> Speed seduction
> High status male»
> Dating wizard
> Mystery method
> Real social dynamics
> Double your dating
>The other 20 or 30 products are just
>hack jobs of other materials from all I
>have seen, and I know very little of the
>new badboy stuff aside from the "I like
>you" routines which are funny.
>So NO SS is not phony. His original
>book, "how to get the women you desire
>in to bed", and his basic home study
>course if broken down by the student and
>self taught with missions are fantastic.
>That is THE problem with SS is simply
>too much information and not enough
>breakdown of what to do with it.
>I believe Ross as a PUA wrote his first
>book and basic home study course. He
>then became more of a teacher than a
>PUA, so his material has continued to
>stray from field applied seduction and
>in to the newer magical based stuff.
>I used to hate SS for promoting such
>unworkable techniques as mirroring and
>matching (by the guy wtf?), anchors
>which are based on dog psychology, and
>embedded commands which do not work with
>our complex grasp of reading and
>speaking and thought process of words.
>Looking at it now though, with some of
>the stuff being promoted out there, it
>is far superior to most stuff. SS has
>principles for a guy to get laid with a
>chick he would not have laid if not for
>the techniques.
>Rather than the current trend of good
>looking guys who go to a seminar and get
>pushed in to approaching for the first
>time and get laid. Which makes the
>differences in schools of psychology
>Ross and I come from look like we are
>the same fuckin mind at work compared to
>the "cool kid" trend.
>Get laid not liked!
>"make the ho say no"

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