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Re: Normalizing lingo for the community

mASF post by afcpua

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Re: Normalizing lingo for the community
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mASF post by "afcpua"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, November 11, 2004

this is exactly where i am at in the game. i see the game as a
self-development tool. inner game» being the first step. i have learned more
things to help me PU in the future while not PUing than I did when i was doing
60 approaches a week.

as my signature may reflect, i have simplified girls as much as possible. we
need to simplify PU and stop making it so complicated and make it more natural.
frames, realities stuff that is PERSONALIZED can be better utilized than stuff
that is intended for the general masses. not everyone comes to mASF with solid
inner game». now i laugh at my attempts at trying to do Ricki Lake Opener, SS
patterns or any other opener for that matter as they werent ME.

this is why i feel that the LINEAR GAMEPLAN that was posted is possibly the
most valuable thing i've read on here. it gives everything else a purpose.
also SOCIAL PRESSURE and PERSONAL IDENTITY are things that are equally
important in executing the gameplan. if anybody on here is like oldafcpua was,
they start with the small picture and have no idea what the big picture is.
newafcpua and others realize that you START with big things and THEN plug in
routines, negs etc.

I finally understand why mASF should only be an addition to your game, not the
foundation. this is why cool guys will learn mASF and be really good quickly.

mASF, commercial guys need to help people get a solid foundation to build their
games around.

this is why if you suck at controlling the frame, NOTHING you say will work.
weather, powerpuff, nothing, as the big baby will just shift back to "where do
you work" if you dont know how to keep your frame and stop her from sucking
you in.

i believe that a person can make great strides for their PU game with non PU
related material. eg. I have been better able to carry conversations, not ask
so manyh questions, yet i havent even been PUing.

this is why Real Social Dynamics is a great name, and it should be the base of
what you are teaching. if people dont know why the big baby acted the way it
did, then they cant do things differently next time. they will just try a
different routine, with the exact same results, and still not know that it is
not ok to PU from 4 feet away or to scratch your head every 20 seconds.

i think RSD is making a good contribution to PUAs everywhere. i have noticed it
by the posts i have read. muc simpler and easier to apply to ANY PU. there used
to be too much specific situation stuff on here. the more general the better.

"all hoes used to be little. now they're just big babies."

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