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posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, November 11, 2004

You guys are starting to get waay ridiculous. This site is going from to If i was formhandle I would be
pissed that you guys are posting this kind of shit. Totally pointless and not
helping guys get laid at all.

LA scale ratings. Are you serious?! Get real. Even if there are more hot
bitches per capita. How's that make them hotter than anywhere else. LoL. And
if they really are, how about a Brazillian scale or maybe even a Sweedish one.
After all, in the last poll I've seen, those were the places with the most
beautiful women. I guess a 7 there is a everywhere else a 9 right. No serious
dude. I'm really for real.

You guys who live in the bizzare upside down world of LA need to stop trying
to taint everyone else. RSD crew, here is a word of advice. Your entire game
comes off as vain. How can I get in the A list clubs??How can I game
celebrities? How can attract a women who view me as shit. Ignore her or come
across as cooler and more "valuable" than her and she'll start to want you
then. Good stuff.

Me and my friends get a kick every year when the 100 most sexy women list
thingy comes out. All of the chicks go up and down like 5 spaces. They got
that much more sexy overnight. And the real funny thing is that in any good
size city, if you look around you'll see girls that look just as hot as them.
Every pretty girl isn't working in movies, or living in hollywood.

You and Mystery had a contract dispute so you take his seminar name. (Social
Dynamics to Real social Dynamics) How lame is that. And to top that off, your
whole method is his shit. Thats pathetic. I gotta give it to you though.
Getting guys to shell out g's to get dating advice from a guy who lives in a
mansion in the middle of fucking Hollywood (and makes a life of getting to know
all the right people there) is quite impressive. Which archive is that in?

TD is like 25 years old and sounds like a 16 year old posting. No take that
back 14. All of your post are fuckin essays with little substance. You're the
almighty amog guy. King of wit. King of intellect. How come you don't
understand that "Brevity is the sould of wit." You have 3 pages of shit
covering of one important thing like Dress cool, or don't try to hard. Your
best work was 25 pts, and its pretty much common sense to anyone who doesn't
live in a cave.

And to top that off, all the guys who actually are getting laid are emulating
you in order to seem cool, and bashing newbs. How fucked up is it for a 25
year old man to be cracking on a 16 year old looking to them to get some pussy.
I am so tired of reading posts that say "You guys just aren't cool. You just
don't know how to vibe. Or my all time favorite. 99% of you have never seen
real game. Like really real game." Man shut the fuck up. You're giving
yourself waaay to much credit. What are you doing in LA anyway. Aren't you
from Canada or some shit?

I wouldn't even care to post this except for two reasons. The way you do that
bitch shit of talking in a condescending tone while masking it as a teaching
structure. And the fact that newbs are coming here to get laid and are seeing
goofy shit like an LA rating scale or social value.

You don't need to game 10s different than any other hottie because your 10 is
not a 10. Everybody has different ratings. White guys want those toothpick
bony bitches that a black guy would give a 6. Black dudes love big booty
bitches that white boys would give a 6. Asain and Latino's vary. Hmmm. Read
that again

What you guys are talking about is just an attitude frame thing. You're calling
it social value. All you're doing is letting a really attractive chick
dominate the frame in an interaction and you're playing into it. What's worse
is all you LA boys are catching it to the third degree. I keep hearing guys
say "She wasn't a 10 but the way she carried herself mad her an 11." Thats
fucking gay. Lemme tell you something. That bitch has more game than you and
you're just getting pimped.

Walking into a club with her on my arm and every body else looking and
wondering, How'd he get her, made it all worth while." Ok if you think that
way, you might have homo tendencies. For all of you sideways guys You might
want to turn your head. What makes this shit worthwhile is busting a nut in a
girls face or down her throat. Ha ha yep, I said it. :)

Here's a riddle. What do you call a girl that isn't very hot, but has the
attitude of an 11. Give up. Fake. Yep, just like the plastic boobs and all
the other shit you're chasing. Who wants a fake bitch. Just move on to the
next one. Don't reverse IVD, back turn, spin kiss, neg theroy 2010 autotech,
supersayan engage level 12, (and please don't do that faggot ambiguity, pretend
to be homo shit either. Yall cats know what I'm talking about too) on her.
Fuck the bitch. Why are you so concerened with these "elite" (fake) chicks.
Now that sounds like a deep seated issue with validation to me.

I know you guys have tickets to sale and have to pay your 12th of the mansion
you live in, but this shit is going toooo far. Your money interest are really
helping in the fucking up of this whole website. As a side note I have
natural friends who have laid 20, 60, over 100 chicks. All of the stuff that
works in the real world, I see them do all the time. Same when I pick their
brains and talk to them. The shit Formhandle wrote and built this site around.
How come I don't see any shit like wearing orange stockings and high heels and
doing magic tricks or some other stupid shit. Ha?

Its time to teach the shit that works in the most effective method instead of
stuff to pull a fucking Avril Laverenge with her group of friends around. How
ever you spell her name. Master the real shit. Eat a steak not a glittery
looking pastry.


And by some nice clothes and hit the weight room for goodness sake. You boys
are starting to look like some girls. BTW: Where is Fatass. He knew his

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