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REHEARSED routines, PRO PUAs, Badboy‘s RISE (long)

mASF post by Mystery

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REHEARSED routines, PRO PUAs, Badboy‘s RISE (long)
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mASF post by "Mystery"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, September 9, 2004

Gunny writes>Everyone does use routines of some sort from the sheer lack of
experiences to relate to others. What I mean is even myself or a guy mysterys
age haven't lived enough NOT to repeat some things some times in mass
approaching of women as there just isn't that much stored in memory of an
amusement level to be talked about without boring people.

while it is true I will tell people about what I have JUST recently experienced
(like the current drama I am involved in), I find myself talking about the same
drama again and again to people until a new drama occurs to me. this is my way
of venting, and in doing so, a 'routine' is born. sometimes I say a particular
story so many times that the story becomes tightly 'rehearsed' - only because I
have to say it enough times to people to FEEL vented.

now, when I approach a woman, I dont go into each story like its a routine
generally, but I tell ya, when I meet a woman of PARTICULAR QUALITY, I dont
want to leave my getting her interest to mere CHANCE ... so I refrain from
going 'situational' and instead fall back on stories Id SHARPENED. These
"sharpened tools" are what I use to sculpt my attraction stage into a work of
art. and we ALL do this to some degree. Even the "so how's it goin'" opener
that badboy uses and promotes to his students is a routine ... its badboy's "so
how's it goin'" opener, and I have heard it works. Sounds like it would work on
SINGLES especially. the opener has been used before, worked, and so has been
used again. Of course, he isn't into recognizing the repeated patterns of
social interaction (something I do merely to allow me to socially experiment
... some things you'll do the same so that you can see people's reactions to
the 'changes' you impose in your patterned responses). Do I blame him for not
taking the same scientific approach I did to this? of course not. not everyone
uses scientific methodology to live life but they can still tie their shoes. I
didnt grow up in the religious culture that badboy did. and, he hasnt had a
chance to see the patterns I have seen simply because Im older than him. Ive
been in the game longer, and I have shitloads more in-field and in-workshop
experience. In my PUA world, we bring audio recorders and now video recorders
into the field and backwards engineer social interaction. We break-down the
successes of OTHER PUAs ... we simply have access to MORE of them here. But I
think given badboy's situation (a bullet in his head for one which is why he
walks the way he does), I think its fucking AMAZING he has succeeded in
building a business from something I was the first to prove works. His schedule
is constantly full!

Before my first workshop, there were no PROFESSIONAL PUAs ... RJ, being a
seminar only guy, and who wasnt a true PUA, more of a business man/seminar
speaker (but no doubt had the same DRIVE hustling a buck that badboy has ...
thier stories, like mine, are about guys who went from shitty circumstances to
making good lives for themselves helping others) ... I was the first recognized
pro pua ... the first to do an in-field workshop and teach through direct
example ... the one in which introduced Style (one of the BEST PUAs I have seen
btw) into 'the game' btw. badboy took the concept of in-field teaching and made
a good life out of it, helping others.

badboy went from joe shmoe to PROFESSIONAL PICKUP ARTISTafter Style and my
friends (and former students) visited badboy in Croatia. I was supposed to go
on that trip but I had just returned from Sydney and instead played the video
game Morrowind at mys sister's home in Toronto haaa.

to be honest, when I first heard he was teaching others, I thought, "oh boy not
another guy following in my footsteps." but he has carved a great reputation
from hard fucking work and is obviously dedicated to helping others.

read his testimonials. his service is ETHICAL because his students are pleased
with his workshops.

There are only a few PROFESSIONAL PICKUP ARTISTSon earth and badboy is one of
the good ones. he delivers the goods and his customers are happy. that is
something that cant be said for a lot of PRO PUAs.

So you WANNA be a PRO PUA huh?

We NEED YOU! There are so many guys out there who need the help.

if you would like to become a PRO PUA, someone who gets PAID to get guys up to
speed (not just getting them laid but rather giving them the skill to get a gf
again and again), be sure you have a SKILLSET for the PUA FIRST. YOu have to be
a black belt in the venusian arts (a black CHARM ahem) before you go out and do
a "Manifestis" on the world by selling PUA product having only fucked hookers
and 3 ugly ONS. Have some credibility first. WHO have you dated? how many? dont
teach just because you can open successfully or because you lost your

but then ... ABOVE your QUALIFICATION as a great PUA, you have to be able to
TEACH this too. So, get yourself some guys to teach for free first, like I did.
get testimonials from them. Are they HAPPY with what you taught them? more so,
are they SUCCESSFUL?

and be ETHCIAL about it. know your teachers and acknowledge them. if you are
teaching some of the things they taught you, some of your profits should go to
the teacher for his years of development of methods you only had to learn in a
few short days.

I named my shit Mystery Method. That was MM and it was because Speed Seduction
was known as SS. So it was SS vs. MM. or mmmmmmmm versus sssssssssss. haa.

then 'gunwitch method»' came along. funny name.

my seminar was called "Social Dynamics". and when my business partners went
their separate way teaching group theory, they called themselves "Real" social
dynamics, and RSD was born.

So here is the PRO PUA landscape so far:

... and BADBOY.

we are ALL MYSTERY'S LOUNGE members. we talk to eachother all the time. My
friends have met them (well Gunny still needs to come out and party but we know
what he looks like). we share stories. we are all pro PUAs and share this
commonality. TD and I are visiting Papa's home and crashing here. And we are
all together working on a unified VENUSIAN ARTS GRADING SYSTEM ... a way to
rank a PUA for schooling purposes ... like a belt grading system (in martial
arts) but with charms. We are doing this because teaching a WHITE BELT black
belt tactics is pointless, and there are so many more PRO PUAs coming up that
it would be great to know a person's graded rank before allowing them to
participate in a particular workshop (if 26 for instance said to me that a guy
wasnt ready for my advanced course, Id believe him!)

Here is a brief list of PRO PUAs ...

Shark (as he helps badboy)
Ben Orien (can you believe it haa)

I dont know if Toecutter and MTL are PRO yet (but should be)

Wilder in SF

Style is NOT a PRO PUA ... because he never accepted any $ to keep journalistic
integrity. He's writing a book on all this shit so didnt want to cross any
ethical lines ... though if anyone was more apt to BE a PRO it would be Style.

Protocol is a PRO.

Who else is considered a PRO PUA? anyone who makes money TEACHING the PU is
PRO. add to this list please. Im curious. Keep in mind a PRO PUA does not mean

all the others (RJ, DD) arent PRO PUAs I feel (of course no disrespect to them
... DD is good in the field). Just because you have an ebook that you've
authored doesnt make you a PRO PUA. that makes you a PRO AUTHOR. even a SEMINAR
SPEAKER isnt a PRO PUA ... he's a PRO SPEAKER. (Is RICK H? well, I think he

so, badboy took something what worked, and no doubt refined the teaching
process, and with an entreprenuerial spirit that surpasses Papa's (and Papa has
one of the greatest entrepreneurial spirits of em all ... think of the business
success RSD has ... their last seminar had SIXTY people!), has built a company
based on only a business model and not on the PUA models of others. As I see
it, this spirit is proof that he is truly a man and Id sit down and break bread
with him any day. While Im certain he would learn from me (the more advanced
you are in this game, the more you learn from other pros), there is no doubt
that I would learn just as much from him. I hope to one day wing with him as
Style has. (I heard all their stories ... Badboy almost driving off a cliff

He seems to use his skills on his students. Thats something I never really
focused on myself. I guess this was because when I heard (and later saw) that
RJ used hypnosis not only on women, but literally on the men who come to his
seminar, I got gunshy of using 'game' on students because i believe (and still
feel) that hypnotising your students is unethical (at least the way I saw it
done). but badboy's situation is different because he is using ETHICAL rapport
skills on his students, not merely hypnotising them to "be happy". (RJ may very
well have changed his ways and no longer hypnotise his students for 20% of the
time anymore. He also now does in-field workshops, though he doesnt actually go
in-field himself but has a great guy named VINCE do it instead).

So ... congrats to badboy for helping others progress in this game because this
game is fucking HARD. some guys work their ASSES OFF in field and sometimes
they just cant get a fucking break. also congrats to badboy for hustling and
making some money with a PUA skill he naturally developed, and for building a
business that went from 'making a couple bucks' to building an ethical business
that leaves his customers 'more than satisfied'.

Of course, I still ... CHALLENGE HIM ... ;)

Love Mystery

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