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What does it mean to be cool? What is cool?

mASF post by TylerDurden

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What does it mean to be cool? What is cool?
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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, September 9, 2004

Jay, are you implying that I use your CHATBOARD for
MARKETTING??? Dude, are you fucking KIDDING??? Come off
this shit. Just stop man. You run a 300 person readership
chatboard, where the guys have access to more free information
than they can digest. These are like the least likely to yield
anything potential customers that I can conceive of. If I were to
send out a single email to all the past workshops students, there
would be several hundred reviews posted in ONE DAY. What
you're perceiving as something that's happening is NOT
REALISTIC. If you have a business issue with Real Social
, get on the phone with Nick IMMEDIATELY and resolve
it. That is how business is handled man. Things are
business issue via text. Get on the telephone so people can hear
your voice tonality and all that, so they know you are still friendly.
By agreeing with Jimbo's assessment (which was a fair question
that I have no interest to bother answering AGAIN, despite that it is
fair, he can DAFS the fifty times I already responded), you have
brought business into the mix, which is not good practise. It is also
an abuse to ME, because it BORES to read these ridiculous
replies when I am just trying to kick back and talk some pickup,
which is a hobby of mine.

Now here I asked a question that was advanced to ME. I gave it a
lot of thought man. I thought that what I wrote was pretty good, and
at worse still better than most of what's posted in this section that
you don't nitpick. But hey, thanks for trying to make me feel like an
idiot, posting consistently on your chatboard for two years and not
even astute enough to know what's advanced and what's not. I'll
be sure to spend like a half hour next time thinking about which
section to post it in. Red alert! - if its even IN QUESTION always
post to General, because it may not adhere to the rigorous
standard of the FS101 "Advanced" section. Stand at attention

I posted something that I thought was advanced, and wanted
replies that were thought out. Who gives a shit man. Was it worth
the time that you spent replying to me, that you could have spent
on TFM 2.0 or even posting some of your own thoughts? Don't
reply to my posts if you want me to reply. I have no interest in
talking about pick up with you, because whenever we talk about it
you're defensive. Reply where you want, to keep your board clear
of any malfeasance super conspiracies that I'm up to (even though
you've met me in real life, and see that I'm a genuine guy and
you're nice to my face), but I'm not replying to them anymore.
When you become a REAL poster here, with a balance of positive
and negative feedback, I'll talk pickup with you again. In the
meantime, flame and flame away dude, but I'm not replying to you.
No offense dude, and good luck with whatever you want to do. In
the meantime, I'll be spending a good 8 hours today on REAL
marketing campaigns, including the one on your main site which
is one of many, and you can sit here and ruminate about how your
300 person chatboard is being abused - when in reality, that
unsubstantiated emotional projection is just a manifestation of
other frustrations that you have of not achieving accomplishable
goals that you've set for yourself, probably in part BECAUSE of the
fact that you've allowed yourself not to remain emotionally
composed and focused on the things that will help you.

Here is my advice, and take it or leave it. Take ALL that time you
spend on thinking that people are abusing you. I mean ALL of it.
And YES some of it is real. Like, YES you are being abused. I am
TOO dude. But take all that time, and just re-focus it on positive
shit. Man, I swear to god that is the ONLY way that you will get
ahead. Look at what happened to Ross. He got abused bad by
some of his close friends. And he let it get to him. So he spent
hours a day on Thundercat's Lair (TC tells me his IP was logged
on there several hours a day, probably obsessing about what
people were saying about him - I have no idea if its true, but based
on the amounts of posts he wrote there it was at least semi-
accurate). On top of that, he spent hours going at Mystery,
Toecutter, myself, and even JUGGLER. But in reality, he is
actually a pretty smart guy. Like, his product has some good stuff
about languaging in it, that is useful. And he's a great speaker I've
heard. But instead of focusing on blowing himself up, he's
WASTING time on this dumb conspiracy shit. And even though
some of it is true, he's not seeing the forest around the trees or
whatever you call that expression, because he's not realizing that
PART of getting big is that people will JACK/COPY/FUCKWITH
you. It has happened to me SEVERELY, and if I allowed myself to
get caught up in it my brain would EXPLODE. There is so much
politics going on behind the scenes, that if I allowed myself to be
sucked into it, my creative abilities would be SHOT. So instead I
just focus on the positive sides and working on myself in a
balanced way. You've seen me in the field, and you know I walk
the talk. I scored more in the one weekend you stayed at PH then
most guys you know score in a month or six. You saw me and my
wings do amazing shit. Did you ever make a post about what you
saw and learned? Nope. Of course you took the time last year
when you weren't impressed, right? That's because you have the
personality type to LOOK for negative shit, to reinforce the
emotional contexts that you are perpetually reinforcing in a
wacked out cycle of projection, feedback to that projection (you're
negative, so people treat you that way), and therefore experience.
You need to break the fuck out of that cycle dude, which one place
to start is HERE ON THIS CHATBOARD by not posting shit like
"motherfuckers don't fuck with me" and all that other crazy shit that
when I read it I actually feel bad for you. Like you posted some
thread in General about "Game for ugly guys" or something, and I
was like "Oh cool, Jay posted a normal/real thread. I'll reply to it
because I know him in real life and I like replying to guys I've met."
Then it turns out to be yet another bitchfest about some topic that
you deemed already having been covered in the archives or
something. I was like "Oops, I guess that I should have expected

Do you think we learned that by sitting around being pissed off?
NO WAY. We went out every night and LOVED it and ENJOYED it
for what it was. Do we have time to care about people fucking with
us? NO WAY. That's their role in life. They are vermin - that is
their role. They are not good enough, perhaps because of lack of
opportunities in life or perhaps because of bad decisions that were
made with good intentions, to have their own shit. But realistically,
not everyone CAN, because there isn't enough space. That is just
how the world works. So they their role or vermin and scavenge
and leech and copy and make shittier lower priced versions of the
stuff that guys sweated to create. Like, instead of focusing on
creating, they have to focus just on ways to scrape by in life by kind
of exploiting what's already there, because they aren't in a position
where they have the mental/financial/experiential resources to do
anything else. But who cares?? It doesn't change anything. And
hey, maybe they'll do a decent job at it, and even give ideas that
you can use yourself. Why not? They might even get some
opportunities from it, and actually improve themselves and go in a
better direction. Heck, maybe they'll even eventually top the top
guys! Cool! I'm not insecure about my place in the world. I sleep
well at night. I get hit by a car tonight, and I lie in the hospital
knowing that I innovated and wrote some solid stuff and changed
lives. Yeah, its a shocking image - but its worth thinking about
because our death is something that's coming and if we forget
about that then we get caught up in the shit that isn't important.
Like, I don't think about it all the time, but when I feel myself getting
sucked into bullshit I definitely put it in perspective. And I know
that I had high expectations of myself and held myself to those
standards. NOBODY can change that. And I'm definitely not
spending ONE SECOND even thinking about anything that will
take away from my focus because then I am lowering myself down.

Dude, WAIT and see the shit I come out with this year. Man, I
worked so hard on it. I pushed myself. Wait and see what I come
out with, and think about what YOU could have done with your
time. I sat down for MONTHS thinking about what would work. I
could have put something out that would have made good bank,
and done alright. But I held myself to my highest standard and put
in the time. Not a lot of guys can do that. It was something that
took me years to get, in terms of discipline. Everything from my
schooling to my work, and even my friends who I am so lucky to be
surrounded with. Don't get insecure about it and hate on me.
Think of it as an EXAMPLE. I ran a workshop every single
weekend for an entire year. 52 workshops in a year bro. And I still
came out with a super hot book that I'm proud of and had time to
get laid and enjoy life. Is there honestly nothing to be modelled in
that? I think of you in the same way in many respects. I look at
your website and see what you've done with it, and I talk to you
and TPUA and I'm like "Whoa, that's tight shit. These guys have
some good shit going."

Yeah, I'm not answering your questions directly. I don't think that
your questions were really all that relevant. They were a part of a
bigger issue that's related also to the times that we've hung out in
real life. And maybe I'm totally wrong or at least partly, and you
want to complain about THAT now. I don't know. Find something
useful in this internet chatboard discussion, or your time will have
been wasted. Maybe I just have a flair for the dramatic today.
Maybe none of this means anything at all. Who knows? Whatever
it is, enjoy it for what it is. The absurdity of it all is part of what
makes it fun. ASF is about improving yourself. Accepting yourself,
both through the social contexts that you create, and eventually
through the spiritual contexts that you create. Have you maxed out
yet? Are you the person you aspire to be? Is your journey
complete? NO WAY!


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