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Field Report: HB9, but got CBed - while Pub Hopping downtown

mASF post by xmlenigma

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Field Report: HB9, but got CBed - while Pub Hopping downtown
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mASF post by "xmlenigma"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2004

FR: HB9, but got CBed - while Pub Hopping downtown

FR: Pub Hopping Downtown
5th June 2004

I have not been able to really get out in 10 days as we had a major work
deadline and had to work weekends. This weekend 20th June I did go out with my
wings, but for some reason my state was not that "high". I believe I was just
too tired and stressed out. Go figure.

So I am going to post a FR of a more productive night whose FR was pending... I
went out with 2 wings. My mindset and goals were as follows:
- Dont care for the outcome.
- Approach as much as possible. Get rid of THAT approach anxiety I always have.
- Put myself in situations where I normall wouldnt want to be. Get out of the
comfort zone.


5th June 2004:

Scene: Downtown evening I meet up for the first time with JFiredUp who is a
wing of Smoove_move and we have talked on the phone already earlier in the day
about things that he is having problems with.

************************** SCENE 1: **************************

We meet and head to this club where he knows one of the marketing promo females
who is HBShortAsianFiesty. We say hello and we get in without paying anything
and as I slowly walk in (these days I am trying to use the "slow motion" walk)
I look back and JFUp is talking to a bunch of females (he had mentioned that he
was sposed to meet with a bunch of ladies) of what looked like a Bachelorette
party (6-7 girls mixed HB levels from UG to . He is talking to every girl so I
figured he knew them (which I found out later he did not).

So I am looking at this group sideways and I notice that the bachelorette has a
list of "naughty" things on her T-shirt to do before she gets hitched. We say
hellos to a few girls and I make sure that I dont look eager so I dont lean or
go as JFUp did but it seemed like he was more in the mix with his high energy
approaches and I was more ladi back with ADisinterest ?? (Ive been doing that
but I dont think its really working.. and maybe it is.. then I got to look out
for the IOIs >??)

She (bachelorette) basically wants us to help her out and they pull us in to
grind her from the back and the front we do that for like 2 mins. Then I am
just doing a little C&F and she wants us to sign her LIST since we did that..
so I am like.. not that easy.. you have got to give me a little bitty kiss on
the side.. "give me a kiss" (point to side of the face = cheek). She does, I
point to other side, she does, point to lips she is like.. i point to
other side again and she comes forth and suddenly turn and kiss her on the
lips.. she laughs..I smile.. / grin and then she is like.. okay now i need you
to sign at 2 places on the list.. i take the marker and make a little round dot
on her T- where her left tit would be.. teasing her.. she is like .. oh please
sign it here n here..

i do that she gives me a hug and (at the same time JFup is gaming/fluffing w
the girls..).

- Maybe I should have stayed with her n her gang and talked to some of the
other girls in the group.
- Maybe there was no point as they were a Bachelorette party and no female
would split or we would be CBed.
- Maybe a C&F attract, Socialilze w them and # close would have been a good way

Suggestions ??

************************** SCENE 2: **************************

I work my way past the lounge where they were past a long bar into the dance
floor inside (passed by a no. of HB Sets..just wanted to not care and looked
through). Through out I do "slow-motion" alpha like I dont care till I am at
the edge of the floor and I slowly at the floor and my wing JFUp starts
breaking it down and I look at it smile and in a while make my moves... very
very smooth.. we are getting a lot of attention as such.. just enjoyin
ourselves in general..

JFUp is ballsy and opens up a number of sets and I join in and we do a lil
fluff, C&F and I use the Guys/Girls lie routine. All in all just chilling but
did not get much through these sets. One female is like I am not drunk enough
to I bust her but she is not really responsive. I tell her go get a
drink from the bar and she is like you buy me one.. I am like oh.. i dont buy
girls drinks they buy me drinks.. etc.. he dances w a set he knows from Univ
and these are 2 HB/UG indian girls that I did not really find to be anywhere
near "HB". He grinds w a fat-plump blonde and he is "waiting" to get a number
from one of his "indian" HB ..and she is acting pricey..

QUESTION: A number of times he opens a set there is only enough "room" for one
person and I wonder how I should enter the set (in terms of PHYSICAL SPACE in
the circle) and / or how he should bring me in.. Basically WE really need some
really good WING CO-ORDINATION advise. How do wings bring each other in.. in
terms of TIME, TECHNIQUE ? Other than the basic.. here is my friend.. XYZ..
Also, what should I be doing UNTIL THEN ?? I feel awkward or stupid waiting or
trying to figure out the right moment to get in... Should I get in at the same
time as he did and engage the other "side" or other "chick(s)" of that gang.

- I need to start to OPEN sets versus always being the 2nd man of the gang..
Being the INITIATOR ? In terms of the WING DYNAMICS do females essentially find
that the guy that had the balls to open up the set is the "alpha" and the guy
who tag teams in is not ? If so, how can that be alleviated ? Is ACCOMPLISHMENT
INTRO the only way ? Please provide some good examples ?

************************** SCENE 3: **************************

I get out of the floor and walkout to the bar and just hang there.. and this
SkinnyAznAFC comes and says whoa dude u can dance..whered u learn to dance like
that.. cool go dance with some chics man.. I am like whatever ( I dont know
whether he was trying to compliment me and gain SP from me or slightly trying
to be sarcastic.. it did not seem like he could as he was real AFC).

I am slightly down in state as he is in there in the mix.. and I am out.

I just wait up for JFup to come out as he was just fluffin w HBShortAsianFiesty
promoter and they were sort of play grinding and feeling.. etc. They come out
and are still talking etc.

BTW - HBShortAsianFiesty had come to the floor and was play dancing w him and
somewhere I just noticed that she had the same flip phone as mine and it was
"flip locked" onto her tank/t-shirt (between her chest.. which was basically
flat) that she was wearing inside another shirt. I had taken her phone and
walked out and kept it with me.

So when she came out she was like I want the phone it belongs to someone else
that I borrowed it from. I tease her around not letting her get the phone...
she is short 5ish and I am almost 10 or 11 inches taller than her. (left to
right)...I do the same left-cheek right-cheek kiss thing on her.. get her lip
kiss but a little on the side of her lips.. and she is like you missed.. I am
like.. haha.. gotcha.. still dont give it to her.. she starts to get upset..
so i am like.. hey cry baby.. here it is.. she takes it and gives me a hug.

We ALL (J, Her & I) just fluff and slowly head out as we plan to meet our
common friend Smoove_move.

She is talking to JFup and in general i tease her a few times about being a
gold digger etc.. (jfup told me so).. Meet Smoove_move who came from a date
with an indian chic (hes azn).

************************** SCENE 4: **************************

We head out and meet another guy who they know and head to another pub. This
place has a dance floor upstairs and pub downstairs so we go up.. chill out
dance.. come down etc. while we are leaving this place... we wait for remaining

I notice that there is this 4 set with one incredibly beautiful HB... HB9 .. Id
say a 9.5 face and a 9 body (she was short thats why not 10)... and I rarely
every give a girl "high" ratings... she was incredibly pretty faced, lovely
smile, eyes and dimples.

I walked back in alone since we were still waiting for one guy. I think
smoove_move followed me in then.. or later.. i did not really notice as I was
focussed (he was around as far as I can remember.. ). I get to the table and
say hello.. hey how are you guys doing.. and ask this BlondieStuckUp ( why the
name.. later) who was sitting on the one edge of the 4 girls sitting in a U
around the table, to give me some space on her chair..can you please shift and
give me some space.. etc..

I open with the who lies more opener and we talk about it.. and for some wierd
reason I dont remember even looking at or talking to BlondieStuckUp since I was
on one half of the chair and did not want to bump into her.. giving her the
space but wanting to "stay at their level" to maintain seated eye contact and
not have to BEND for talking to them..

The HB9 and her HBPrettyButFat friend are on the opposite side so its easy to
converse with them face to face.. and with EC..UG3 2nd from my seated location
is literally "numb" .. no +ve and no -ve ..jus sitting there.

After a bit BlondieStuckUp starts to get annoyed or something and says.. can
you please leave.. and slowly starts getting louder and shouts and stuff.. and
says get a chair.. im like.. why dont u get another one.. I am like hey.. chill
out.. your friends here are nice enough to be smiling and having a nice
conversation why do you have to get so worked up.. The thing is throughout I
am very very very calm, composed and SMILING.. I was literally unfazed by her
existance or her outbursts and had consistent eye contact with the other 2
girls who I am talking to. After a while, she starts to get loud and the HBPFat
kind of says.. please etc.. (I think BlondieStuckUp had girl coded her to say..
hey.. u are still talking to this guy when I am shouting and getting ticked at

So my friend Smoove_move comes in and gets me a stool (since I was not ready to
give up on my FRAME.. I AM NOT BUDGING). I switch to the stool.. I say there..
you happy.. and at the same time he moves in and starts apologizing for me..
damn.. I am like smoove you dont have to apologize to them.. cmon... and he
kind of goes and says hello.. they ask his name.. etc.. maybe abotu me ? or bad
mouth me.. ?( i dont know exact convo they had i couldnt hear.. he was slightly
standing in front of me..)

What I noticed was throughout her outburts I did not even flinch.. hehe.. it
was like my SMILE from my face.. and the POSITIVE ENERGY I had would not go
away.. and at the SAME TIME.. what kept this positive energy alive was that the
HB9 had not even once stopped smiling and / or broken EC with me..

(This is something I realized later that she was interested or something.. on
the other hand Smoove is a DJ Forums person and he thought that slowly i went
into the Jerk territory and some girls just keep smiling and being nice no
matter whaT..

I still think she was interested as she stood up when I was kind of moving away
from the table while finally first time negging BlondieStuckUp ..and saying you
know what.. you are not friendly and you have no manners in how to talk to
people.. etc..

NOTE: I am a smart looking fellow with chocolate boy looks and females would
usually attribute "CUTE & HANDSOME" to me big time. Atleast thats what I ve
been told. Basically they say I have a million $ smile.. Either way.. I dont
want a boast-a-thon.

The reason why I am saying this is that it is literally next to impossible for
me to come off as a JERK or a PLAYER.. I tend to have the NICE GUY feel to me..


- I was consistently unfazed by anyone or anything at the time.. partly due to
self-energized positive frame and smile.. (I literally couldnt stop smiling)
and partly due to consistent +ve smile & EC from HB9. I was like impenetrable
despite a bitchy blonde sitting on the same chair as me was SHOUTING and

- Question is: Is smoove right about the fact that I came off as a jerk.. or I
came off as a positive guy who was no affected by the BlondieStuckUp's
shanadigans... was she smiling just because she is one of the girls that is
always NICE and even if not interested tends to just be DIPLOMATIC and pleasant

- I do realize that instead of doing a NEG takeaway.. I should have done more
by picking out the HB9 & HBPrettyFat (so that HB9 does not get DEFENSIVE or
feel too special) and telling them.. hey you know what you guys seem to be
cool.. and we should definitely converse sometime soon, but since your friend
has had a bad day..and do a # close..


PU MASTERS - PLEASE DO COMMENT .. I dont want replies from KJs (although they
are appreciated as well). But someone who can tell me what the REAL SOCIAL
were out here in SCENE 4 ... and if and how I misinterpreted them.


After that night and another previous post I was charged to sarge.. but due to
work not letting me off for 2 weeks I lost that positive state or energy or
something. Need to get back up.


- xmlengima

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