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6 Important Keys to Success with Women...

mASF post by Manifestis3

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6 Important Keys to Success with Women...
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mASF post by "Manifestis3"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2004

On 5/23/04 5:59:00 PM, afcpua wrote:
>it's good to define what it
>takes to be successful in
>broad areas.
>you can put ATTITUDE AND
>and label it INNER GAME».
>LIFESTYLE pretty much go hand
>in hand so call that REAL

Yeah...i can see that view...but the reason i put lifestyle was that i intended
to mean having another passion other than just pickup...that's having a fun
lifestyle (through your interests and not just through people)...have a something...have some motivation to become better at it...a lot of
us feel this way towards pickup and NOTHING my advice was to go out
there and develop some new passions and skills...

i agree lifestyle goes together...but to break it down into chunks even
further, i noticed a dynamic SOCIAL CIRCLE itself was an important enough
factor to be part of the keys to success with women...

as far as looks, i don't believe that looks is a BIG key to having success with
women...maybe temporary lucky nights but not super success...because the 6 keys
i mentioned and inner dynamics are all more important than looks IMO...


"Some people live 80 years. And some people live 1 year 80 times..."

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