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Why “Fool‘s Mate” is Bullshit

mASF post by tigger

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Why “Fool‘s Mate” is Bullshit
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mASF post by "tigger"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, March 3, 2004

Why “Fools Mate” is bullshit

Here’s my disclaimer: This is going to piss some people off, and...ummm, yeah
that’s it I guess.

The term Fool’s Mate is used in chess to describe a game where a player wins
the match (gets a checkmate) in very few moves, due to poor moves by the loser.
Mystery I think was the one that started using this same term to describe lays
which are fool-proof, where a guy gets laid just by being in the right place at
the right time and having a dick. In other words, a fool’s mate is an easy lay
requiring no skill on the part of the guy--- He gets the checkmate (sex) due to
the girl’s poor moves (no ASD).

What I find so interesting is that Mystery and his camp use HUNDREDS if not
THOUSANDS of little moves. You’ve read their posts…you find in them AMAZING
detail for the smallest of things. These guys have broken the game down into
such microscopic, nearing nanoscopic, detail that they can scrutinize things
that most PUAs on this board can’t even understand. I think it’s this reason
that people worship them: results + knowledge beyond one’s own. They hear or
see or read of the incredible results these guys get and then they read their
analytical posts and can’t understand them, so they automatically ASSUME
everything written is like the holy bible of seduction. The hero worshippers
are unable to critically analyze the information, and thus unable to apply it
correctly. It’s like a cult following---everyone trying ever so hard to master
the thousands of moves that Mystery and TD and others have created or
discovered. This is why the term Fools Mate came about---an unwillingness to
accept that a guy can fuck a girl in significantly fewer moves and time.

It just can’t make sense can it??? How could a normal guy who knows nothing
about 25 points, or nothing about neg theory, or nothing about ignoring the
target, or nothing about peacocking, or nothing about social proof theory, or
nothing about all the tiny intricate details of the pickup game that is Mystery
Magic(tm)and Real Social Dynamics(tm) could this guy ever possibly get
laid in less time than those masters of pickup??? It’s just not logically
possible is it??? The only answer it can possibly be is LUCK! This is what
“getting lucky” is all about...that old term people used to throw around, about
guys “getting lucky,” and just happening to run into that one girl who is
willing to fuck any guy at that moment...hmmm, how about we just call this a
“Fool’s Mate”???!!! That will shut up the people who question the masters. It
will reaffirm to ourselves that the masters really are truly better than those
guys who can get sex quicker. We’ll just lump all those lucky guys together and
say they were all recipients of Fool’s Mate.

Okay but what about those people who have had many lays with girls in well
under the 7 hour mark?
(by the way, is any lay short of 7 hours now considered the official cutoff
line between a Fool’s Mate, and “solid game.”)

Let me propose to you something that has been brought up on this chatboard far
too many times, but still needs repeating---SEXUAL STATE, SEXUAL STATE, SEXUAL

Hero worshippers and heros, Consider this: What if, just what if, a person
could do with a few seconds of eye contact, a few words, the right body
language, right voice tonality, and right subcommunication, BYPASS 20 of your
stacked openers, 15 of your routines, 6 of your peacocked items, 3 takeaways,
50 C&F lines, and 2 DHVs??? Wow, that would be something wouldn’t it?

So what we’re saying here is that it’s possible for someone to do in one minute
what it took you an hour or two of yapping your mouth to do? God, this guy must
be like a professional basketball player or tall male model huh? How else could
that be possible???

I’ll tell you how. CALIBRATION. Going back to the point about the HUNDREDS or
THOUSANDS of intricate moves these guys use…they are so routine based, and
move-based…they are such walking encyclopedias of knowledge, that they focus
way TOO much on the next move, on the next routine, on trying to “calibrate”
the girl’s level of attraction, and “calibrating” their own value and worrying
about whether they are TOO social proofed or too high value that they will blow
themselves out or “calibrating” if she’s ready to be isolated or moved into
rapport gaming. The problem is that they miss THE BIG CALIBRATION…the one that
you only see when you are open to seeing it, and are fully sexually aware. The
BIG calibration is being able to look at a girl (or talk to her for a couple
sentences) and KNOW she wants to be fucked that night, or KNOW that she is open
for a quick seduction. It’s not just jumping from HB to HB and running the
exact same shit over and over and over. It’s going to the HB that you KNOW can
give you what you want.

One thing that is good about these guys is their consistency. It’s a step by
step program, albeit one with too damn many steps. But the bottom line is
lays...and in doing what they do, they may be able to game a girl enough every
day or two, and spend seven hours to get a lay. But then there is my buddy who
I wrote about last year couldn’t give a shit about any kind of takeaways or
DHVs, etc, and he goes out and gets a chick to fuck him about 80% of the nights
he goes out...and usually within a matter of hours, often WITHIN AN HOUR! How?
Because he can look at the girls in a room, take a seat, lean back, drink a
scotch, exude sex appeal, and wait for AIs, look at those girls giving AIs,
figure out which ones show the most promise for easy lays, and then go for it.
And his main opening topics involve sex and relationships.

You can call that Fool’s Mate. I call it a different, more efficient style of
pickup, that is uncomplicated by the thousands of little rules and steps that
exist out there.

And for those of you who REALLY REALLY REALLY think there is such thing as a
fool’s mate…COME ON! How many times have you fucked girls by doing absolutely
nothing??? When I’ve gone out peacocked, I’ve had girls offer to give me
blowjobs while I was just standing there at a bar ignoring them, throwing a C&F
disparaging comments their way every now and again…but THAT was the gaming.
When I’ve used Grandmaster (which all of you hero worshippers need to try, just
for the hell of it, to see what it does to girls), I’ve gotten girls ULTRA
sexually excited in a matter of MINUTES. It’s a matter of calibration. If you
are getting IOIs or AIs from girls, you have no reason to take forever with the
seduction. Get it on! Try some new fucking shit of your own. Try making a move
early. Try kissing a girl AS SOON as you can sense some sexual chemistry. It
takes balls, but it’s worth trying on several girls for a day. Quit treating a
pickup like it’s a little fragile piece of invaluable art that you have to
treat just perfectly and perform exactly the right move at the right time, or
that you have to use “solid game” on. That’s (“solid game”) another horrible
phrase that needs to go---people keep using it and then talking about how they
couldn’t get a number or kiss or lay…I’m sorry to tell, ya, but “solid game”
should result in “solid” RESULTS. Pickups are NOT fragile little things!

Now let me say this. I like reading TDs and Mystery’s archives and posts, and,
believe it or not, I try some of the stuff they post, and use some of the
frames they use. And I have nothing against them. In fact, quite the contrary.
The level of discussion here would not be where it is without them. I
appreciate the level of detail they bring. My problem is with the dudes that
kiss their asses. It gets sooo annoying to see guys who are admitted virgins
and KJs defending them or making claims on their behalf or advertising for
them, or just generally being so sucked into their world that they cannot
possibly believe that other methods can work. It gets annoying to see even
other PUAs who are respected defending them and swinging from their dicks. For
Christ’s sake, whatever happened to being your own man and thinking for

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